Eom, Jae Gun (엄재근) 교수 상세 프로필

Eom, Jae Gun (엄재근) 사진
Eom, Jae Gun (엄재근)
Adjunct Professor, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies
Chief, The Institute for Business Platform
Areas of Interest
International Trade, Financial Management
Complexity Science in Business Area
Ph.D, Business Administration, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies
M.B.A.(Financial Management), Sogang University, Business School
B.A., Korea University, College of Education
Finance Head of Donaldson Korea Co., Ltd
General Administration Controller of Donaldson Korea Co., Ltd
Finance & Accounting Group Manager of Toshiba Electronics Korea Corp.
Supervisor, Eland Group
Published Journals

1. Ph.D Paper(2015) : A Study on the Strategy of FX Risk Management : System Dynamics Approach
2. Eom, J.G. & Chung, C.K. & Sul, W.S.(2014), "Exploratory study on causality of foreign exchange exposure and hedge strategy : Systems thinking approach" Korea System Dynamics Review, 15(2), 97-131.
3. Eom, J.G. & Seol, W.S.(2014), “Platform Strategy of Eland China for the Business Ecosystem in Emerging market: On the base of Cross-type Architecture Model from SPICE and CPNT” Korean Management Consulting Review, 14(4), 201-212. 2014.
4. Eom, J.G. & Chung, C.K.(2014), "A System Dynamics Simulation on KIKO Derivatives and its Implications from International Trade" Korea System Dynamics Review, 15(4), 5-24. 2014
5. Eom, J.G. & Sul, W.S.(2016), “A Study on the Financial effects on Korean companies by exchange fluctuation around Global Financial Crisis”International Journal of Business and Social Science (IJBSS), Vol. 7, No. 6, 2016.
6. Lee, J.Y & Eom, J.G.(2016), "Analysis of Corporate Recruitment trough ser-M Model: Case Study of GS Caltex" Korean Management Consulting Review, 16(3), 181-194. 2016
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8. Lee, J.Y & Eom, J.G.(2016), "A Study on the Case study of Relevance between Hiring Assessment and Performance Evaluation : Focused on A company" International Area Studies Review, Vol.20, No.4, 2016
9. Eom, J.G.(2016), “A Study on Platform Strategy of Traditional Culture Town: Case Study of Jeonju Hanok Village” Korean Journal of Converging Humanities, Vol. 4. No. 3. pp. 7-27. 2016

Authored Books

1. Eom, J.G.(2015), The Strategy of FX RISK MANAGEMENT in international Trade, Seoul Kyungje Kyungyoung
2. Eom, J.G(2016), How to write papers for beginners, Seoul Kyungje Kyungyoung
3. Eom. J.G(2016), Finance Dynamics, IWELL Contents