Park, Hyun Jun (박헌준) 교수 상세 프로필

Park, Hyun Jun (박헌준) 사진
Park, Hyun Jun (박헌준)
Professor, Yonsei University
Areas of Interest
- Negotiation and Deal-making
- Business Ethics and Social Enterprise
- Leadership and Top Management Process
- 1990 Ph.D. The Ohio State University
- 1984 MBA Yonsei University
- 1977 BBA Yonsei University
- Chairperson, Management Unit, Yonsei University School of Business, Sept 2011- Feb 2013
- Professor of Negotiation, Yonsei University Law School, 2008-present.
- Vice Dean, Yonsei University Graduate School of Business, 2002-2004.
- Director, Center for Social Enterprise (formerly Business Ethics Research Center), Yonsei University School of Business, 2000-present.
- Professor, Yonsei University School of Business, 1999-present.
- Faculty Director, Advanced Management Program, Yonsei University School of Business, 1997-1998.
- Associate Professor, Yonsei University School of Business, 1994-1999.
- Assistant Professor, Yonsei University School of Business, 1990-1994.
Published Journals
- Park, H.-J. & Kang, S. (2014) The Influence of the Founder’s Ethical Legacy on Organizational Climate: Empirical Evidence from South Korea. Social Behavior and Personality, (in press).
- Kang, S. & Park, H.-J. (2012) The Influence of Leader-Follower Distance on the Satisfaction of Organizational Ethics. Korean Journal of Management, 20, 2, 47-71.
- Jun, K., Lee, B. K., & Park, H.-J. (2010) Effects of Network Centrality on Cooperative Behavior: Mediating Role of Organizational Identification. Korean Journal of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 23, 4, 635-666.
- Park, H.-J. (2007) Theoretical Challenges and Perspectives on Business Negotiation. Yonsei Business Review, 44, 2, 181-211
Authored Books
- Park, H.-J. et al. (2012) Management Philosophy of Park Taejoon 1. Seoul, Korea: Asia.
Park, H.-J. et al. (2011) Competition and Co-Existence. Seoul, Korea: Orae Publishing. (with the Academic Committee of the Graduate School of Yonsei University)
- Park, H.-J. (2008) Family Business Management Cases in Korea. Seoul, Korea: Yonsei University Press.
- *Oh, I., Park, H.-J., Yoneyama, S., & Kim, H. R. (2005) Mad Technology: How East Asian Companies are Defending their Technological Advantages. Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
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- Sung, K. J., Park, H.-J., Park, N. H., & Kwak, N. S. (2004) A Manual for Negotiation. Seoul, Korea: Kyunghee University Publishing.