Park, Min Jae (박민재) 교수 상세 프로필

Park, Min Jae (박민재) 사진
Park, Min Jae (박민재)
Professor, Seoul School of Intergrated Scinences & Technologies
Areas of Interest

Technology Management

Statistical Research Methodology

IT Governance



Statistical Research Methodology

Management Science


2011-2015 Ph.d in Technology and Business Management, KAIST

2010-2011 M.S in Technology and Business Management, KAIST

2004-2010 B.S in e-business/Computer Scinece, Ajou University

2016 Marquis Who’s Who in the World 33rd Edition
2010~2015 Researcher, Auto ID Lab & EPCglobal
2010~2015 Research Assistant, Global IT Technology Program in KAIST
2013~2015 Research Assistant, Next African Leader of ICT (AfDB)
2015~2015 Research Professor, Global IT Technology Program in KAIST
Published Journals

[1] Suk Kyoung Kim, Min Jae Park (CA), Eun Ji Ahn, Jae Jeung Rho (2013). Investing the Role of Task-technology Fit along with Attractiveness of Alternative Technology to Utilize RFID System in the Organization. Information Development (SSCI), doi: 10.1177/0266666913513277

[2] Nyoman Adhiarna, Yoon Min Hwang (CA) &, Min Jae Park, Jae Jeung Rho (2013). An Integrated Framework for RFID Adoption and Diffusion with a Stage-scale-scope Cubicle Model: A Case of Indonesia. International Journal of Information Management (SSCI), 33(2), 378-389.

[3] Min Jae Park, Hyeri Choi (CA), Jae Jeung Rho (2014). Citizen Patronage Behavior of Government Social Media Services: Extended Perspective of Perceived Value with the Moderating Effect of Media Synchronicity. Information Development (SSCI), doi: 10.1177/0266666914543959

[4] Min Jae Park (CA), Hyeri Choi, Suk Kyoung Kim & Jae Jeung Rho (2015). Trust in Government’s Social Media Service and Citizen’s Patronage Behavior. Telematics and Informatics (SSCI), 32(4), 629-641.

[5] Suk Kyoung Kim, Min Jae Park (CA), Jae Jeung Rho (2015). Effect of the Government’s Use of Social Media on the Reliability of the Government: Focus on Twitter. Public Management Review (SSCI), 17(3), 328-355. doi: 10.1080/14719037.2013.822530

[6] Min Jae Park (CA), Tumurpurev Dulambazar & Jae Jeung Rho (2015). The Effect of Organizational Social Factors on Employee Performance and the Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing: Focus on e-Government Utilization in Mongolia. Information Development (SSCI), 31(1), 53-68.

[7] Min Jae Park (CA), Dongsuk Kang, Jae Jeung Rho & Duk Hee Lee (2015). Policy Role of Social Media in Developing Trust: Twitter Communication with Government Leaders. Public Management Review (SSCI), doi:10.1080/14719037.2015.1066418.

[8] Dongsik Jang, Jiyong Eom (CA), Min Jae Park, Jae Jeung Rho (2015). Variability of Electricity Load Patterns and Its Effect on Demand Response: A Critical Peak Pricing Experiment on Korean Commercial and Industrial Customers. Energy Policy (SSCI), 88(2), 11-26.