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Course Overview

This course explores new paradigm of business management for the continuous growth and thriving development of Republic of Korea. The aSSIST CEO program helps to discover the Korean type management (3.0 version) that will surpass world corporations through the advantage of Korean DNA and management in the generation of creative economy + innovation economy.

Course Characteristics

Finely Selected High-class Curriculum

  • High-class curriculum constructed based on in-depth research and insight on Korean type of management
  • Lecturers composed of top authorities of teaching faculty in the field

Active CEO Discussion providing a stage for conversation exchange

  • 30mins CEO discussion after 90 mins lecture
  • Wine & Talk after each class and lecture

Lecture and book summary given at each session

  • Lectures, the Korean type of management 3.0 case studies mentioned in the CEO discussion, are offered in mobile e-book content and supplied at each session.
  • Lecturer's publication that is referred to in the lecture and the class syllabus will be supplied at each session.

Participation in the aSSIST forum (regular breakfast seminars)

  • Deliver energetic morning to the Korean Representative leaders in this generation once a month.
  • Membership to attend breakfast seminar for creative management, economic outlook, convergence of knowledge in humanities
  • Provide Best Insight Article (Monthly Report)

Targeted audience

  • CEOs and executives of global and local medium enterprises and management leaders of the future generation.