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Custom in-house corporate training

Optimized for each corporate needs Tailored in-house training design and operation

Course Overview
  • Selected as the top management education institution by 150 enterprises over 19 years
  • Constructed as a customized program that is optimally designed to meet the needs of the enterprises by integrating domestic business environment with foreign university's MBAs
  • Transparent evaluation system regardless of belonged organization of professors
  • Efficient training schedule that reflects companies' business environment
Training establishment process
  • Analysis: understanding and analyzing of the company's education needs.
  • Design: reflecting company issues and research analysis
  • Development: curriculum constructed after adjusting the course level and analyzing curriculum benefits.
  • Implementation: provide an optimal learning environment through a comprehensive training and a strict credit management.
  • Evaluation: regular report writing to evaluate appropriateness, satisfaction and improvement needed for modules, courses and programs
aSSIST company customized training advantage
  • Customized program : optimized for companies' specific training goals and needs.
  • Open Platform System: composed of professors regardless of belonged organizations and best qualified professors
  • Thorough academic management: an optimal learning environment is established through a thorough training operation and a strict academic management.
  • Application and revision to reflect immediate education need via constant reporting operational system
  • Strict evaluation and management process: a comprehensive assessment management system is set up by measuring each subject's academic attainment, commitment and post evaluation.