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Custom in-house corporate training

Optimized for each corporate needs Tailored in-house training design and operation

Training for Executives: TMT (Top Management Team) Program

Type 1: Coaching

An individual consulting system (coaching) by the [Expert Panel] is provided so that each executive's capabilities can be maximized on the background of each executive's individual capacity, and to objectively evaluate the ability of the executives to derive an accurate 'innovation agenda'.

Expert Panel

  • Facilitator- A professor who understands both management theory and field.
  • Business expert- A former/present CEO who possesses extensive business experience
  • Coaching expert- who enables students to reach their maximum learner's characteristics and potential.

Type 2: Module

The class is set up in a module form in accordance with executives' required educational system or core competencies.

Type 3: Workshop

A case study orientated short-term intensive executive workshop to systematically summarize business experience, and to strategically apply this in real-life.

Customized MBA course for key corporate talents by position levels
  • Various forms of education available according to enterprise's needs.
* Course available as a degree (in conjunction with foreign universities)