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Big Data

Program Overview

According to the big data report by McKinsey (2012), it is forecasted that 180,000 of data analysis experts are additionally needed by2018 only in the US. Demand for big data utilization is increasing domestically as well in all fields including transportation, disaster, health care and public sector. The Korean government set a goal to foster 1,000 high quality data scientists and train 5,000 experts in the field by 2017.

In line with the government's action, aSSIST established the big data MBA which offers joint degree with Aalto University (former Helsinki School of Economics) in 2014 to train practical and value-driven data scientists for the coming big-data era. This program focuses on bringing practical experiences for students and an open platform for education, discussion and interaction.

Focuses on enhancing essential capabilities of data scientist

  • Business experts: insight on how to apply big data, analysis, knowledge and experience in certain business
  • Scientist: understand decision-making process, build a structure, solve problems and make decisions based on data analysis
  • Quantitative analyst: statistics analysis, machine training and provide visualized analysis results
  • Programmer: understand big data technology, enhance programming ability
  • Communication: technology for easy and strong communication among people

Foster ㅠ-shaped data scientists

  • Vertical data scientist: possesses profound knowledge/capability in a narrow area
  • Horizontal data scientist: integrates vision with technological knowledge by business experts, quantitative analysts, computer scientists and other experts working together

Advanced training for the purpose of big data utilization

  • Support internal business decision making: create additional value through effective business operation reducing expense and time
  • New products/services (development): apply various data mining products into new product and service development to create new customers and retain existing customers via big data utilization

Faculty composed of the best experts from each fields

  • Business Administration Fixed Core Modules (Selected by the best lecturers): Out of the lecturer pool of aSSIST's MBA since 1995, the teaching staffs are comprised of lecturers with the highest class evaluation score from students and 200 companies domestically and abroad
  • Big data major and specialized modules (lectures from professors and big data experts): lined up with professors with extensive practical work experience and research performance in each area of big data.
  • Special lecture by big data leaders of diverse industries: practice-oriented teaching staff comprised of former & current CEO and executives in diverse industries
Kim, Jinho
(aSSIST) Head of Department
University of Pennsylvania MBA, PhD Major in Marketing, Sub-major Statistics at University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School)
Graduated from Seoul National University Business School
Recent books: Keeping Up with the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics (Harvard Business School Press, 2013), Big Data@ Work
Shin, Jong-Hwa
(aSSIST) Assistant Professor
MBA(IT-Biz), PhD Sociology
Korean R Users Steering Committee (2011.8- Current representative)
R Foundation ( Member (First of its kind in Korea)
R Commander localization leader
R education career (data processing analysis, system management) and others
Extensive experience in big data analysis: Local Community Health Conditions Research (Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), time use data survey (Statistics Korea) and many others. Currently, working on research on Korean society 2030 (ordered by the Future Forum order), big data platform study (internal study by the research innovation center). Current aSSIST big data MBA Assistant Head of Department, assistant professor of the Big data research center
Gu, Jawon
(Assistant Professor of aSSIST)
Master of engineering at Sogang University Information and Communications, Information system
Executive MBA at Helsinki School of Economic (Current Aalto University), Major in International Management
aSSIST, business administration, PhD Business Management
LG CNS: Business Analyst, Project Manager
ABACUS: New Business Development Team Manager, Infrastructure Architect
LG Information & Communications Co. Ltd: S/W Laboratory Researcher, Data Center Architect, DBA(Database Administrator), S/W Architect, Programmer