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Industrial Security photo

Industrial Security

Credits Confguration
Credits Confguration table
Classification Credit Required Credit required for graduation
Fixed Core Business Modules 15 credits 45 credits
Specialty Modules 27 credits
Business Project 3 credits
  • Applicants with jobs, maximum of 9 credits can be granted (exempted)
  • Fixed Core Business Modules are compulsory without distinction of specialty
  • If the class does not meet the required minimum number, the specific specialty module class may not open.
  • Above information is subject to change.
Classification Modules
Common Business Administration Modules
  • Strategic Management
  • Economics for Executives
  • International Marketing Management
  • Management Accounting and Control
  • Management Communication
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic International HRM
  • Capstone Module and others
Specialty Modules Basic
  • Industrial Security Management Practice
  • Understanding and Utilizing Computer Science
  • Industrial Security Law Practice
  • Information Analysis Technique
  • Industrial Security Investigation Practice
  • Building and Operating Physical Security System Practice
  • Industrial Security Document Practice
  • Cyber Forensic Operation System
  • Corporate Security Practice
  • Theory and Reality of Security Economy
  • Legislation and Policy on Personal Information Protection
  • Information Security Consulting Practice
  • Information Protection Case Study
  • Theory of Industrial Security Policy
  • Cyber Spy Case Study
  • Case Study on the Latest Security Threats and The Response Practice
  • Industrial Security Precedent Study
  • Technological Information Value Evaluation and Risk Management Methods
  • Security Management Investigation Methods
  • Industrial Safety·Disaster Prevention and Response

Dissertation Business

  • Dissertation : completion of prerequisite subject (research methodology)
  • BP : work-site and practical business project writing
  • Above modules are subject to change.