Program Overview

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Industrial Security photo

Industrial Security

Program Overview

aSSIST Industrial Security MBA program was established in 2008 by signing the MOU with the National Industrial Security Center, and still is the first and only 'Security MBA' in Korea. The program aims to foster security professionals who can integrate management and security issues, embracing all managerial, physical and technical security understanding. The program is more and more acknowledged as "the Mecca of education on security" with the growing number of alumni and academic-industrial cooperation.

  • Under the 21c business environment when knowledge, technology and information are rapidly changing, it is vital to learn systematic managerial approaches on 'cutting edge core technology', 'core information' and' other industrial technology' for corporations, informational and investigation organizations, government and its departments, local government bodies, public organization and the army.
  • The MBA is the first and only program that trains professional security leaders in corporations to achieve sustainable management
  • We opened Industrial Security MBA in 2009 by signing the MOU with the National Industrial Security Center of National Intelligence Service (NIS), Graduate School of Information Security of Korea University, National Forensic Service of Chungnam University. Since 2013, this program has been restructured as the p-MBA (protection for industrial security MBA that focuses on fostering industrial security experts)
  • aSSIST is trying to provide advanced and professional industrial security education by cooperating with renowned universities. We have set an agreement to establish the joint degree with the John Jay College of City University of New York.
Degree Advantage
  • Educate practical security leaders with management and security issues
  • The first and only specialized degree on "industrial security" in Korea
  • Train "security talents" with practical curriculum via faculty staff with extensive industrial work experience
Jeong, Jin Hong
Director of aSSIST
College of Technology
PhD of Law at Hanyang University
Industrial Security Policy in Enterprise Center Chief Director
University of Iowa College of Law, Research Professor (LL.M.)
John Marshall Law School (IPL)
Professor of National Information Graduate School
Lee, Gil-kyu
PhD of Political Diplomacy at Hanyang University
Professor of National Information Graduate School
Researcher of The Institute for National Security Strategy
Kim, Hak-bum
PhD of Engineering (Information Security) at Ajou University
Head of the Information Security Research Center
Kim, Jin-Woo
PhD of Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology
Professor of John Jay University at New York, USA
Chae, Jung-Woo
aSSIST PhD of Business Management (Industrial Security)
aSSIST (IS-MBA) Masters of Business Management
Jun, Dong-Jin
aSSIST PhD of Business Management (Industrial Security)
Head of the Information Security Research Center