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Aalto University Double Degree Program

Credit Composition
Classification Contents Number of modules Credit Notes
MBA-Ⅰ 10 15 credits MBA fixed core
aSSIST Special lecture   1.5 credits  
MBA-Ⅱ 9 13.5 credits Flexible modules
depending on each track
aSSIST Special lecture   1.5 credits  
HRP Overseas market focused course 3 4.5 credits  
aSSIST Major 8 12 credits Elective core note1)
aSSIST Special lecture   1.5 credits  
Business Project   3 credits  

note1 Part-time students with job, maximum of 9 credits can be granted or exempted on the basis of equivalent work experience

  • Business Project: is our case-study method which enables to learn ways to solve key practical problems faced by corporations by integrating theoretical and practical knowledge; thus the project outcome can deliver a real value to the key issues a company is currently facing.
  • HRP (Helsinki Residence Program): Students can enhance their international perspective and experience by attending courses in Aalto University in Finland and participating in Europe Study Trip
Graduation requirement: complete over 45 credits
  • Fixed core modules (compulsory): Int'l Marketing Management. / Management Accounting / Strategic Management & Corporate Strategy / Int'l Operations Management / Communication Management / HRM / Economics for Executives / Capstone module
  • Module composition: One module is comprised of total 24 hours (1.5 credits per module)
  • Location: Subject to change depending on the elective modules you choose (University, Yeouido or Yangjae)
Core Track Selection
Core Track Selection
Course Module Contents
Global Management
  • Aims to foster next generation business leaders with appropriate business insight and perspective so that they can predict upcoming global business trends and establish strategies accordingly. Teaching is focused at the practical level.
  • Topics in Global Investing, Multinational Enterprise Management, International Business Contract and others
Finance & Banking Management
  • Focuses on fostering finance professionals that can actively and promptly react to rapidly changing global financial environment. This track offers teachings on the latest theories and practical knowledge on finance and banking as well as global financial industry trends and advanced professional financial techniques.
  • Investment Management, Risk Management, M&A and Financing, Applied Corporate Finance and others
International Design Business Management
  • Offers a chance to acquire professional knowledge for enhanced efficient communication between technology, design and marketing departments via special projects. This track teaches effective marketing techniques to create competitive products and brands enhancing students' integrated project management skills.
  • Advanced Brand & Design Strategy, Design Management, Design for Brand Recognition Strategy, Design-Driven Innovation and others
OMM note1)
Overseas Marketing Management
  • In collaboration with the KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) Academy, this track fosters overseas marketing professionals who can successfully enter Korean companies into foreign markets and lead them to sustainable growth in the foreign market.
  • Strategic Marketing Management in China, International Trade Environment: Trade Law & Strategy, Trade Show Marketing, Consumer Behavior and others

note1 OMM: Overseas Marketing Management
In collaboration with the KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), we aim to provide our students best practical training on overseas marketing and foreign trade. In use of our global network, we will provide students maximum chance of receiving overseas training courses. (Fieldtrip to foreign countries including China)

Above information may change

Specialized Core Courses (aSSIST Core Courses)
Course Module Contents
Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual Property MBA prepares students to strategically and practically manage protection, financial and information management of intellectual properties of intangible assets such as technology, contents, brand, patents and designs. The course is a management based teaching enhancing capacity on building corporate's IP business platforms.
  • Innovative Technology Management and Patent / Creative Contents Management and Patent / Design Management and Trade Dress / Sustainable Brand Management and Trademark Rights / Industry Security Strategy and Sales Secret / Conventional IP Portfolio Building Strategy / Intangible Assets Value Evaluation and Financial Tactics / Value Relocation Strategy (Maximizing IP Value), and others
Sales Innovation
  • Sales Innovation MBA is a newly restructured course created on the foundation of the corporate customized training which has been running for over 18 years. The Sales Innovation MBA reflects latest global business environment is centered on aSSIST's educational philosophy.
    Focused on Sales, the course is one of the most "field-orientated" and "outcome-orientated" MBA program in Korea. The course contents have been developed by reflecting corporate feedbacks and needs, and by actively communicating with renowned business schools outside Korea.
  • Strategic Sales Innovation / Professional Sales Management / Strategic Sales & Market Analysis / Retail Management & Channel Strategy / CRM & Sales Management / Sales Coaching / Sales Negotiation Strategy / Sales Implementation Methodology in Marketing Planning and others
Chief Financial Officer
  • The CFO MBA, first of its kind in Korea concentrating on alternative investment, aims to cultivate financial specialists with both advanced financial and practical knowledge. We operate an 'open professor system' for this course, which means inviting best renowned professionals in the field as our teaching faculty. This will provide a firm foundation for students to gain practical knowledge and indirect experience of the field and gain skills you need to succeed as advanced financial specialists.
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation of Business / Review of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) / Applied Managerial Accounting and Cost Management / Advanced Taxation(Ⅰ) / Advanced Corporate Finance / Investment Analysis and Strategy / Mergers and Acquisitions / Enterprise Risk Management and others