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Business School Lausanne Big Data MBA Dual Degree Program photo

Business School Lausanne Big Data MBA Dual Degree Program

Credit Composition

Business School Lausanne (BSL) Big Data MBA Dual degree program is a 1.5-year MBA program designed by Switzerland Business School of Lausanne and aSSIST. If students meet all of the graduation requirements, they will earn both BSL(Business School Lausanne)’s Big Data MBA(Master of Business Administration) degree and aSSIST’s Big Data MBA. BSL dual degree is optional and students can only acquire aSSIST Big Data MBA degree.

curriculum table
Acquired Degrees Big Data MBA (aSSIST)
Big Data MBA (BSL)
Duration 1.5 years
Class Friday & Saturday
Credits 48 Credits
Degree Requirements Meeting graduation requirements of both schools
  • aSSIST: 37.5 credits
  • BSL: 4.5 credits (in Korea)
  • 3 Credits in BSL Big Data Boot Camp (in Switzerland)
  • 3 credits of aSSIST Thesis
Course duration: Total 1.5 years (including overseas schedule)

Business School Lausanne Big Data MBA Dual Degree Program is constructed by combining both systematic curriculum and field-oriented contents.

Curriculum table
Division Course Title
BSL Mandatory
(When students choose to acquire dual degrees)
  • Scenario Planning
  • Developing and Managing Others
  • Solving Big Sustainability Challenges
General Business Administration
(aSSIST degrees only)
  • Strategic Management
  • Advance technology and Management
  • Scientific Sales: Sales Model and Management
Data Science Basics
  • Data-Driven Decision Making and Strategies
  • Digital Marketing
  • IT Basics
  • Data Analytics in Practice
  • Big Data Theme Selection/System Construction
Major Foundation
  • Mathematical review for big data analysis
  • Principles of Statistics
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Basic R
  • Advanced R
  • Big Data Methodology and Machine Learning
  • Basic Python
  • Advanced Python
  • Data Mining I
Advanced Major
  • Data Mining II
  • Data Mining III
  • Artificial neural network analysis and deep learning
  • Personalized recommendation modeling
  • Internet of Things Development / Practice
  • Individual Topic Research
  • SNS Analysis
  • Chatbot Business Planning / Development Practice
  • Comprehensive Practice:
    Big Data Platform Design / Implementation / Practice I
    Big Data Platform Design / Implementation / Practice II
    Big Data Platform Design / Build / Practice III
Thesis Business Project and Thesis Writing
BSL Big Data Boot Camp Held in Switzerland for approximately 2 weeks(Nestle Project)