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FUS AIBig Data MBA Dual Degree Program

FUS AI Big Data MBA Dual Degree Program

Credit Composition

The Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) AI•Big Data Dual Degree MBA Program is designed to graduate within 1.5 years and earn degrees from both schools if students meet graduation requirements.
FUS degree is optional, and students may only earn AI Big Data MBA.
(Students will make decision upon enrollment, but the decision cannot be changed afterwards)

curriculum table
Degrees AI•Big Data MBA (aSSIST)
Duration 1.5 years
Course Date Weekend Course (Friday, Saturday)/ AI• Big Data Bootcamp (Approximately two weeks in FUS Switzerland, August)
Acquired Credits 36 Credits
Degree Requirements Meeting graduation requirement for both schools
aSSIST: 25.5 Credits
  • FUS 4.5 Credits (Lecture upon invitation of FUS Faculty to Korea)
  • AI•Big Data Bootcamp : 3Crecits (in Switzerland, August)
  • BP/Thesis: 3 Credits
    (The graduation requirement is 36 credits, but 45 credits are recommended.)

The Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) AI•Big Data Dual Degree MBA Program was designed by combining a systematic curriculum with field-oriented content.

Curriculum table
Content Course Title
Business Administration
Common Courses
  • Data-Driven Decision Making and AI•Strategies
  • Research Methodology for Management Science Techniques and AI•Big Data
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Organization Seminar
  • IT Basics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate Finance
  • IP Strategy for AI•Big Data Business
Basic Course
  • Mathematics Review for AI•Big Data Analysis
  • Theoretical Statistics
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • AI•Big Data Analysis Methodology
  • RDBMS and SQL
  • R I, II
  • Python I, II, III
Advanced Course
  • Data Mining I, II
  • Deep Learning
  • AI•Big Data Individual Assignment
  • Personalized Recommendation System
  • SNS and Community Analysis using Text Mining
  • Design and Development of AI•Big Data Platform I, II, III (Required for AI•Big Data Major)
FUS Requirements
  • Financial Markets and Instruments
  • Mastering Leadership in the Fourth Industrial
  • Strategic Thinking for Change Management
  • Boot Camp Training (2 Weeks in Switzerland)
BP/Thesis Business Project and Thesis Writing

* The above subjects are subject to change.