Program Overview

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State University of New York at Stony Brook photo

State University of New York at Stony Brook (SUNY SB) Double Degree Program

Program Overview

Technology Management is a 18 months MBA program enriching the educational experience of outstanding professional talents in corporations by providing an opportunity to grant a joint degree from aSSIST MBA and MS-Technology Management (MSTM) at SUNY SB, the university well known for high standard of research and education in Science and Engineering.

  • Double Degree is a renewed form of former SUNY Technology Management Program which have been jointly run by aSSIST and SUNY SB since 1999.
  • This program's curriculum has been designed to teach both the latest management practices, and technological issues and trends. Thus, the program offers opportunity to acquire managerial perspective and strategic thinking for students with science and engineering background, and up-to-date technology and trend analysis to the students with liberal arts background, vice versa.
  • After completing the course, students can obtain double degree from both aSSIST MBA and SUNY SB MSTM
Degree Advantage
  • Integration of managerial perspective and technological understanding
  • Acquire professional knowledge via learning both theories and real-life practices
  • Efficient part-time system offering efficiency for job holders
  • Strong alumni network spread around all sectors
  • Lectures by best renowned professors of SUNY SB
  • Granted Master of Science degree at SUNY SB (double degree)
Manuel London
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
Dean, College of Business, SUNY at Stony Brook
Robert E. Ettl
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
Basic Marketing Principles and the Information Economy
Marketing of Technology Based Products
Richard Chan
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
Human Resources Management for High Technology Environments
Dmytro Holod
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
Financial Management
Financial Markets and Venture Finance
Mark Palermo
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
Managerial Economics
Intellectual Property Strategy
Rong Zhao
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
The Role of Technology Standards: A Focus on the Energy Industry
Aristotle Lekacos
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
Industry Project
John Coverdale
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
Leadership, Teamwork and Communications
Corporate Governance and Ethics
Lily Cushenbery
Stony Brook Univ. College of Business
Organizational Behavior

SUNY SB MS-TM aims to foster skilled CTOs (Chief Technology Officer) and technology management leaders with a foundation of business mindsets and management capacities. The SUNY SB, having strengths in Science and Engineering teaching and having been selected as the top 1% school worldwide, is the best partner to collaborate for the course.

About SUNY SB Click Here
  • Association of American UniversitiesMore
    • Selected as one of the 61 universities in US and 2 universities in Canada for high standard of academic research and educational program
    • Listed as one of the leading universities along with Stony Brook University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Michigan State University, Texas A&M University, Pennsylvania State University
  • U.S. News & World Report
    • Listed as one of the 100 America's Best Colleges
  • Princeton Review
    • Best Value Colleges
State University of New York for Stony Brook Evaluation
  • Kiplinger's Personal Finance - 100 Best Values in Public Colleges
  • Forbes Magazine - America's Best College Buys / America's Best Public Colleges
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Top 500 Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • Wall Street Journal - Ranked 8th among public Universities with student enrolling in elite graduate programs
  • QS World University Rankings - Top 200 World University Rankings
  • National Science Foundation - 10 Universities of Recognition award for integrating research and education