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PhD Program

Program Overview
Program Overview

aSSIST's Business Administration PhD program is for those who have extensive experience in different industries and are already acknowledged for their excellent management skills in companies, but wish to integrate business theories into their business proficiency. This program starts with a research proposal from the first semester, along with research methodology modules, small group discussions and 1:1 individual thesis classes which enable students to obtain PhD degrees within three years. Students can reach out and choose professors they want for their thesis writing comprised of personalized training and guidance to help completing the thesis.

Major characteristics of aSSIST's PhD program

Comprehensive and systematic capabilities as:

  • Researcher: Constructing simulation models for decision-making processes and analyzing data to solve business problems
  • Statistician: Using statistical analysis for hypothesis testing
  • Programmer: Utilizing big data technology and system dynamics to understand reality and to predict future
  • Decision maker: Solving problems and making decisions
  • Communicator: Commanding verbal and written communication channels with people and society

Completing the entire doctoral program within 3 years, which can be shortened to 2.5 years for students in the MBA-PhD Joint Program

  • First-year study devoted to research methodologies that include basic and advanced statistics , case approach, and system dynamics
  • Second-year study on 12 topics to integrate various functional disciplines in business administraton
  • Group seminar, colloquium, 1:1 residential advisor system for research and dissertation writing

Two supervisors per student

  • The first professor supervising the content of research, and the second professor supervising the process of applying research methodology

Academic publication of research output

  • Publication of 3 academic journal papers in lieu of unpublished doctoral dissertation
  • Two out of 3 papers to be published in National Research Foundation academic journals
    [Conditions for award of PhD degree]
    · In principle, each of 3 journal papers on literature, case, and empirical analysis
    · Two out of the 3 papers to be published in National Research Foundation academic journals
    · One of the three papers written in English
    ※ A paper published in either SSCI, SCI, A&HCI journals counted as 3 papers
    ※ A paper published in SCIE journals counted as 2 papers
    ※ Published in international journals, is equivalent to one selected for publication
    * Above standards are applied until the termination of the academic journal publication policy by December 2014(expected). Further announcement will be made on academic journal ratings after the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology announces the related new standards.

Career-orientated professional course

  • CEOs who have over 10 years of work experience and other leaders of organizations are given preference
  • Suitable for professionals who wants to integrate their practical knowledge with academic comprehension

Strengthen academic activities and diverse knowledge exchange stages

  • Opportunities will be offered to present and participate in various group seminars, conferences, and colloquiums.

Unique operating system

  • aSSIST has a PhD degree holders committee composed of full-time professors, external experts, and PhD degree holder representatives.
Program Administrators
Kim, Bo Young (Academic Dean)
Research methodology, brand management, design management, marketing strategy – leader of industry center for privacy protection
Park, Cheong Yeul (Program Director)
Research methodology, statistics, organizational commitment, leisure psychology