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Human Resource Seminar

Course Overview

The course established in 2003, is an on-site and case study based course introducing new trends and issues in HRD academia and industry via Human Resource seminars organized by Graduate School of Business.

Course Characteristics

The first and only HRD seminar organized by the graduate school of business

  • Provided over 100 customized corporate training courses for 18 years
  • Successful seminars based on extensive experience and knowhow
  • Onsite and case study based contents

  • Select latest issue and trends in the HRD academia and industry
  • Evaluate current local HR issues via case studies and learn ways to construct appropriate strategies
  • Teamwork and teaching on latest trends from current HRD practitioners and HR professors!

  • Opportunity to gain knowledge that can be practically applied immediately
  • Opportunity to receive feedback from practitioners and professors
  • One time, One day, One subject and two sessions (2~3 times a year)

  • Deep understanding of one issue in the HR rather than brief understanding of various issues
  • Energetic participatory seminar (no more seminars with mere listening)

  • Share information with HR managers through participatory seminars
  • "Deep analysis of one issue and sharing information with other company employees are what differentiates aSSIST's course"
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