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Industrial Security professional

Course Overview

Industrial Security Professional (ISP) program aims to foster talented professionals equipped with ability to build an integrated systematic industrial security system and implement related management and consulting. The ISP trains global standard industrial security experts and enables to acquire Industrial Security Professional (ISP) and Industrial Security Consultant (ISC) certificate. This is the optimized program for increasing corporate competitiveness and building foundation for sustainable development by strengthening one's ability in areas of risk management and industrial security.

  • The first short course on industrial security within the MBA program of the Graduate School of Business in Korea
  • Practical security program for pre- and post- measures through various case studies
  • Training program for security professionals to protect business secrets, industrial technology, and intellectual property rights from industrial spy
  • Integrated security training program encompassing administrative security, physical security, and technical security
  • ※ ISP and ISC certificates and qualifications available / preference to industrial security MBA applicants
Course Characteristics

First ever industrial security MBA organized by Graduate School of Business

  • Integrated industrial security MBA infra and operation know-hows
  • Special lectures by prominent national and international security experts and representatives working in corporations
    ※ Special lectures and seminars on related law, information, physical and technical security, private information protection legislation and policy, digital forensic practices, and security consulting
  • High quality teaching faculty in the field from corporations, prosecution and police

  • Expert lecturers from Corporations / National·Governmental Organizations / Education institutes
    ※ Best renowned professors in related fields including security legal knowledge, relevant governmental organizations, and industrial security management
  • Special lectures from working level professionals from corporations, prosecution and policy
  • Continuous opportunities for special lectures related to security after completion of the course
  • Certificate available (2 private certificates)

  • Industrial Security Professional (ISP): Enhance professional knowledge on industry security experts, prevent industrial technology leakage, promote sound industry development and public contribution through efficient industrial security system, prove theoretical and practical ability to deal with pre- and post- management of industrial security
  • Industrial Security Consultant (ISC): Verify professional capacity as an industrial security consultant by assessing overall theoretical and practical knowledge in industrial security consulting, overall judgment, practical response skills and advisory competency
  • Curriculum
    Qualifications Exams
    Industrial Security Professional (ISP) written test, oral/ interview
    Industrial Security Consultant (ISC) written test, oral/ interview
    • ISP private qualification registration number 2010-0164
    • ISC private qualification registration number 2011-0222

    After course completion, given preference to industrial security MBA

    • ISP course graduates are given preference when applying industrial security
      ※ Around 20-30% course graduates apply to industrial security MBA each year

    Established a firm network with various industrial security professionals

    • Network established among representatives across corporations, public organizations, state institutions, and research centers
    • Automatic subscription to aSSIST industrial security degree and non-degree course alumni network (aSSIST security forum)
    • Continue networking and gain up-to-date knowledge through ASF: aSSIST Security Forum
      ※ Our ISP curriculum focuses on providing integrated security training covering administrative, physical and technical security. We invite the best lecturers who can teach up-to-date issues along with the industrial security MBA professors at aSSIST.