Mun, Dal Ju (문달주) 교수 상세 프로필

Mun, Dal Ju (문달주) 사진
Mun, Dal Ju (문달주)
Professor, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies
Areas of Interest
Corporate Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Advertising Strategy
Ph.D. in Information and Communication, University of PARIS VIII, France
D.E.A. in Information and Communication, University of PARIS VIII, France
M.A. in Information and Communication, University of PARIS VIII, France

2009.04~2014.02, Professor, IGM(세계경영연구원)
2011.06~2014.02, Adjunct Professor, EMBA Center of Nankai University, China
1999.08~2009.02, Director, Institute of Brand Strategy, Oricom

Published Journals

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Authored Books
Micro Value(마이크로 밸류), 20I3, IGMbooks