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Ben Nothnagel

∙ Aalto University

∙ Benna Helsinki Global Talent Development Centre Shanghai

Areas of Interest
Innovation in knowlededge based industries
Internationalisation - Facing the International Challenge
Diversity and its impact on team performance
The impact of the "silent conflict" between introverts and extroverts on professional performance and company results.
Influencing skill in matrix organisations
Self leadership
The impact of habit on our potential and the quality of our relationships
cross-cultural leadership, Influencing skills, Management coaching, Cross-Cultural Management
Attorney at law
International trainer and developer of executive education programs
Clients include some of the worlds most innovative and succesful companies.
Students from 31 countries have attended our training programs
Training programs have been presented in 12 countries

Visiting Fellow
2009 – present
Self leadership programs
Assisting western leaders in leading organisations in China
Assisting Chinese companies going global
Influencing training

Benna Oy
Feb. 1995 – Present
Developer and trainer of executive education programs on;
Self leadership: The impact of habits and personality type on our performance and results
Cross Cultural : Facing and solving the challenges of cultural differences on company results
Influencing skills: Practical tools and guidance on influencing without organisational power

Our Clients include:
Daimler, Yahoo, ABB, GE, Michelin, Nokia, Euromed Shanghai, LG Phillips, China mobile, Kone, Vaisala, Sonera, Sanomat, AaltoEE