Karjalainen, Toni-Matti 교수 상세 프로필

Karjalainen, Toni-Matti 사진
Karjalainen, Toni-Matti
Research Director, Department of Management Studies, Aalto University
International Design Business Management
Design for Brand Recognition Strategy
Designm Management
IDBM Project Workshop
2004 – Doctor of Arts (Art and Design)
University of Art and Design Helsinki, Dept. of Visual Culture
Doctoral Thesis: Semantic transformation in design –
Communicating strategic brand identity through product design references.

1999 – Master of Science (Economics)
Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration
Major: international business,
minors: International Design Business Management, German language
Master Thesis: Consumer values, product perception and product design
– Perspective of car design in five European countries

1994 –Matriculation Examination
Voionmaan lukio, Jyväskylä, Finland
Research Director IDBM Program, Aalto University School of Economics
(September 2007 – August 2014)
International Design Business Management Program is a joint education and
Research program between the three Aalto University schools: School of Economics, School of Art and Design, and School of Science and Technology.
Tasks: building and managing research projects, developing global research
collaboration, researching, lecturing, student supervision (doctoral and master).
Sub-­‐theme leader of the Desma network (EU ITN project, 2013-­‐2015).
Academy Research Fellow
Aalto University School of Economics (September 2014 – August 2019)
Research project: Trade of cultural narratives in rock music industry
Published Journals
Entrepreneurial passion: an explorative case study of four metal music ventures
Laaksonen, Laura; Ainamo, Antti; Karjalainen, Toni-Matti
2011 Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/14715201111147923 ISSN: 1471-5201

Facilitar los ecosistemas de innovación a través de la educación superior.La universidad Aalto y su International Design Business Management (IDBM)
Koria, Mikko; Graff, Daniel; Karjalainen, Toni-Matti
2011 Revista Economía Industrial

Should new products look similar or different?The influence of the market environment on strategic product styling
Person, O.; Schoormans, J.; Snelders, D.; Karjalainen, T.
2008 Design Studies ISSN: 0142-694X

Should new products look similar or different?The influence of the market environment on strategic product styling
Person, Oscar; Schoormans, Jan; Snelders, Dirk; Karjalainen, Toni-Matti
2008 Design Studies

It Looks Like a Toyota: Educational Approaches to Designing for Visual Brand
Karjalainen, T.
2007 International Journal of Design ISSN: 1991-3761

It looks like a Toyota: Educational approaches to designing for visual brand recognition
Karjalainen, Toni-Matti
2007 International Journal of Design ISSN: 1991-3761 eISSN: 1994-036X

Complementing intuition: Insights on styling as a strategic tool
Person, O.; Snelders, D.; Karjalainen, T.; Schoormans, J.
2007 Journal of Marketing Management ISSN: 0267-257X

Complementing intuition: Insights of styling as a strategic tool
Person, Oscar; Sneiders, Dirk; Karjalainen, Toni-Matti; Schoormans, Jan
2007 Journal of Marketing Management
Authored Books
T-Shaped = Tuned up to communicate through design
Karjalainen, T.; Salimäki, M.
2009 Fremtid formes, shaping futures The Oslo School of Architecture and Design Oslo

Strategic concepts in the automotive industry
Karjalainen, Toni-Matti
2006 Product Concept Design - A Review of the Conceptual Design of Products in Industry Springer Verlag Germany

Tuotemuotoilu brandin strategisen identiteetin tukena
Karjalainen, Toni-Matti
2004 Design Management - Yrityskuvan johtaminen Kymidesign Kouvola ISBN: 952-5214-40-0

Autoteollisuuden muotoilukonseptit - esimerkkinä Volvo
Karjalainen, Toni-Matti
2004 Tuotekonseptointi Teknologiainfo Teknova Oy Helsinki ISBN: 951-817-832-1