Wenyan Yin (윤문연) 교수 상세 프로필

Wenyan Yin (윤문연) 사진
Wenyan Yin (윤문연)
Visiting Professor, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies
Areas of Interest
Global Value Chain
Foreign Direct Investment and Emerging MNEs
International Business Strategy
National Competitiveness
2012/9 – 2017/8 Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University, Korea, Ph.D.
2005/9 – 2008/8 Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University, Korea, M.A.
2001/9 – 2005/6 Insurance, College of Economics, Nankai University, Tianjin, China, B.A.
2017/9 – 2018/2 Lecturer, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University
2008/8 – 2011/12 Researcher, Department of Competitiveness, the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies, Seoul, Korea
Published Journals
Cho, Dong-Sung, Hwy-Chang Moon, and Wenyan Yin. 2016. “Enhancing national competitiveness through national cooperation: The case of South Korea and Dubai,” Competitiveness Review, 26(5): 482-499. (SCOPUS Indexed)
Moon, Hwy-Chang, Yeon W. Lee, and Wenyan Yin. 2015. “A new approach to analyzing the growth strategy of business groups in developing countries: The case study of India’s Tata Group,” International Journal of Global Business and Competitiveness, 10(1): 1-15.
Yin, Wenyan. 2015, “Motivations of Chinese outward foreign direct investment: An organizing framework and empirical investigation,” Journal of International Business and Economy, 16(1): 82-106.
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Moon, Hwy-Chang, Jimmyn Parc, So Hyun Yim, and Wenyan Yin, 2013, “Enhancing performability through domestic and international clustering: A case study of Samsung Electronics Corporation (SEC),” International Journal of Performability Engineering, 9(1): 75-84. (SCOPUS Indexed)
Moon, Hwy-Chang, Jimmyn Parc, and Wenyan Yin, 2012, “Types of nation’s operating system and a new economic development model: A case study of Korea’s economic development,” Review of International Area Studies, 21(2): 1-30. (In Korean). (KCI Indexed)
Moon, Hwy-Chang, Jin-Sup Jung, Wenyan Yin, and Jimmyn Parc, 2007, “The sources of competitiveness of a leisure city: Case analysis of some successful leisure cities and implications for Chuncheon,” Journal of Leisure Studies, 5(2): 24-39. (In Korean)