Kim, Young Kee (김영기) 교수 상세 프로필

Kim, Young Kee (김영기) 사진
Kim, Young Kee (김영기)

Visiting Professor, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies

Areas of Interest
HR, Leadership, CSR, Safety
Sogang University, Bachelor of Economics (1977)
Brigham Young University, The Marriott School of Management
- Master of Employment and Labor (1995)
A Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies
- Ph.D in Business Administration (2011)
Jun 2000 - CHO (Chief Human Resources Officer), LG Electronics Inc
Jun 2008 - CRO (Chief Relations Officer), LG Electronics Inc
Jan 2012 – Head of CSR, LG
Dec 2014 - Chairman & CEO, Korea Industrial Safety Association
Published Journals
"Employment Relations at a large South Korean Firm : the LG Group”
Employment Relations in the ASIA PACIFIC, Greg J. Bamberet al., 2000
USR of Labor Union and Product of Group, 2011
Authored Books
Union Social Responsibility (Nanam, 2013)
(Transtlation) Creating a culture of success : fine-tuning the heart and soul of your organization
(Transtlation) Roadmap to strategic HR : Turning a great idea into a business reality
(Transtlation) The age of Responsibility
(Transtlation) CSR 2.0 – Transforming Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility