Gim, Jeong Myung(김정명) 교수 상세 프로필

Gim, Jeong Myung(김정명) 사진
Gim, Jeong Myung(김정명)
Chair Professor at Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies
Professor emeritus at MyongJi University
~1989 Ph.D. in philosophy of physical education(somatics), The Ohio State University
~1984 Master of Sports Management, The Ohio State University
~1982 Bachelor of Physical Education at Seoul National University
1992~2019 : Professor of Physical Education at Myongji University
1989~1992 : Senior Researcher of the Korea Youth Institute
2006~2011 : World Leisure Organization, Board of Directors
2008~2013 : Non-executive Director ofIndependence Hall of Korea
2014~2018 : Dean of Myongji University College of Arts and Sports
Published Journals

Professor Jeong Myung Gim, an HSE® practitioner certified by Novato Institute and the Director of Korea Somatics Institute, is Chair Professor of Seoul School of Integrated Science and Technology (aSSIST). He is also Professor Emeritus, Former Dean, and Athletic Director at the College of Arts and Physical Education at Myong Ji University.

Professor Gim graduated from Seoul National University with a major in Physical Education and received his PhD in the School of HPER at Ohio State University in 1989. He served as a researcher at the Korea Youth and Youth Research Institute, and gave weight to the holistic human education based on Somatics. He established Korea Somatics Institute in 2007, honoring his doctoral advisor, Professor Seymour Kleinman, and introduced various somatic modalities to the Korean public through the institute, including the field of movement education as well as the medical field in Korea.

He has published several important books in Korean about Somatics, such as Bodyfulness and Getting Our Bodies Back by Christine Caldwell (translator), The Body of Life by Thomas Hanna (translator), Artful Intelligence: Embodied Rationality, and more.

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