Pyo, Jeong Ho(표정호) 교수 상세 프로필

Pyo, Jeong Ho(표정호) 사진
Pyo, Jeong Ho(표정호)
Chair Professor at Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies
Professor emeritus at Soonchunhyang University
1991 : Ph.D. in Business Administration at Seoul National University
1981 : M.B.A. at Seoul National University
1978 : B.A. in Business Administration at Korea University
1984~present : Professor of International Trade at Soonchunhyang University
1992~1993 : Visiting professor at Indiana University in the U.S.
1997~2015 : Director of Planning, Head of Industrial-Academic Cooperation Center, Director of Research Institute, dean of the College of Social Sciences, dean of the Graduate School of Health Sciences of Soonchunhyang
2002~2016 : Government Innovation Assessment Committee, Evaluation Committee member of Public Enterprises at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, member of the self-evaluation Committee of Ministry of SMEs and Startups
2000~2016 : President of Association of Korea-China Small and Medium Business, International Business Management Association, Korea CEO Association,, Korea Mid-size Business Association, Korean Association of Academic Organizations
Published Journals
Lee, Young Duck, Pyo, Jeong Ho, and Paark, Tae Woong (1997), “Partnership Strategy for entering foreign markets by Foreign Telecommunication Service Providers”, International Telecommunications Policy Review, 4(10), 107~134
Park. Woon-Seon, and Pyo, Jeong Ho (2014), “The Student’s Satisfaction Analysis on Advanced Management Program of A University”, Journal of CEO and Management Studies, 17(1), 59~75