Park Jeong Eun (박정은) 교수 상세 프로필

Park Jeong Eun (박정은) 사진
Park Jeong Eun (박정은)
Professor, Ehwa Women's University
Areas of Interest
Marketing, Sales
Marketing Management, Professional Sales Management

Ph.D. in University of Alabama

Korea University MBA

B.A. in Business Management, Korea University

Published Journals
영업성과에 대한 영업사원의 학습활동, 적응적 판매, 직무만족의 영향력, 상품학 연구, 2014 제32권 6호
우리나라 영업 연구의 현재와 미래: 비판적 고찰과 미래 연구방향을 중심으로, 마케팅연구, 2014, 제29권 6호, 45-62
Consequences of impulse buying cross-culturally: A qualitative study, International Journal of Software Engineering and its Applications, 2013, v.7 no.1, 247-260
Frequency of CRM implementation activities: A customer-centric view, Journal of Services Marketing, 2012, v.26 no.2, 83-93