Park, Chul (박철) 교수 상세 프로필

Park, Chul (박철) 사진
Park, Chul (박철)
Seoul National University
Areas of Interest
- Corporate Finance
- Contract Theory
- Banking (Financial Intermediation)
- 1982: Seoul National University B.A. in Economics with minor in Mathematics
- 1995 : University of Chicago Ph.D. in Economics
Thesis: Monitoring and Debt Seniorit Structure
Thesis Committee: Milton Harris, Douglas Diamond, Raghuram Rajan, Robert Lucas, In‐Koo Cho
- August 1995 – June 2002 Assistant Professor
Department of Finance
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

- July 2002 – July 2004 Assistant Professor
School of Accounting and Finance
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

- August 2004 ‐ present Associate Professor
College of Business Administration
Seoul National University

- Summer 2007 Visiting Scholar
Department of Finance
National University of Singapore
Published Journals
- Monitoring and Efficiency: the Case of Debt Contracts, Monitoring and Incentives, 2001
- Trading and Design of Debt Contracts, 1999
- Liquidity and Quality of Information, 1999
- Banks and Markets: A Note on Diamond – Dybvig Model of Banking, 1998
- The Structure of Debt Contracts with Different Degree of Moral Hazard, 1996
- Informational Capacity of Banks, 1995
Authored Books
- Monitoring and Structure of Debt Contracts, Journal of Finance 55 (2000), 2157‐2195.
Financing Modes and Information Structure: Single Round Financing vs. Staged Financing, Journal of Economic Research 8 (2003), 139‐167
- Evaluation of KoMoCo (with Joo Hee Kim and Seung Jin Han), Journal of Management Case Research 41 (2007), 113‐127
- The Behavior of Stock Prices on Ex‐Dividend Day in Korea (with Soo Cheol Park), The Korean Journal of Financial Management 26 (2009), 221‐263
- Cross‐listing of STX Pan Ocean (with Dawoon Kim and Soo Cheol Park), Journal of Management Case Research 43 (2009), 85‐124
- Acquisition of Non‐Fundamental Information in Kyle Model of Speculation, Asian Review of Financial Research 23 (2010), 159‐212
- Voluntary Disclosure of Information, Journal of Economic Research 15 (2010), 147‐170.
Individual Trading Behavior Comparison Around Ex‐Dividend Days Before and After the Dividend Tax
- Changes (with Soo Cheol Park), Korean Journal of Financial Studies (2010), 491‐515
Investors' Trading Behavior Comparison on Ex‐dividend day (with Soo Cheol Park), The Korean Journal of
- Financial Management 28 (2011), 57‐85.
- Monitoring and Debt Seniority Structure, Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Economics, University of Chicago, 1995