Suh, Chan Joo (서찬주) 교수 상세 프로필

Suh, Chan Joo (서찬주) 사진
Suh, Chan Joo (서찬주)
Sookmyung Wowen\'s University
Areas of Interest
Reference Pricing, Pricing Models, Marketing Communication, Advertising, New Product Innovation , NPD Process, Pricing a New Product, Life Style Analysis, Marketing Research, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, MDS, etc. Marketing Theory, eta-Theory, General Theory of Marketing, Philosophy of Science, Relationship Marketing, etc.
- 1988 – 1996: Ph.D in Marketing, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY USA
- 1984 – 1987: M.B.A. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee WI, USA
- 1979 – 1983: B.A. in Management Studies, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
- 2000 – present: Professor of Marketing, Sookmyung Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
- 1996 – 1999: Senior Researcher, Cheil Communications, INC., Seoul Korea
- 1989 –1996: Research Associate, Syracuse University, NY, USA
- 1983 – 1984: Research Assistant, Korea Development Institute(KDI), Seoul, Korea
Published Journals
- "The Case Study on "Stem-Cell College" Internet Advertising Campaign by Amore-Pacific, Inc.", Korean Journal of Advertising, October 2009
- "The Effects of Sexually Provocative ad.", Korean Journal of Advertising, April 2009
- "Sexual Advertising in Perfume Industry with Focus on Differences from Respondents’ Sex," Korean Journal of Advertising, December 2007.
- "Effects of MSRP on Consumers' Fair Price and Worth Perceptions of a New Product",
Summary Paper Presented at the Conference in Dollas Texas, USA, Institute For Operation Research Management Science (INFORMS), Presented on Oct 26, 1997 With Dr.Tridib Mazumdar and Dr.David Wilemon)