Nam, Sang Hoon (남상훈) 교수 상세 프로필

Nam, Sang Hoon (남상훈) 사진
Nam, Sang Hoon (남상훈)
Associate Professor of Management (Tenured), Faculty of Business, University of Victoria
Areas of Interest
Teaching Interests

- Cross-Cultural Management
- Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management

Research Interests

- Work Motivation and Leadership
- Cross-Cultural Management: Expatriate Management
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior
Ph.D. in Management University of Oregon 1991
2013 Visiting Professor
Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

2009-14 Visting Professor
Seoul National University

2012 Visting Professor
Sogang University

2008 Visiting Professor
College of Business, Kyung Hee University, Korea

2000-2007 Visiting Professor
College of Business, Ajou University, Korea

2002 Visiting Professor
College of Business, Ewha Women’s University, Korea

1998 -1999 Visiting Professor
College of Business, Seoul National University, Korea
1991-1992 Visiting Assistant Professor of Management
Graduate School of Management
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

1989-1992 Adjunct Professor of Management, Northwest Christian College, Eugene, Oregon

1986-1991 Graduate Teaching Fellow, Graduate School of Management,
University of Oregon

1985-86 Teaching Assistant
Department of Management, Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio

1984-85 Research Assistant
Department of Management, Bowling Green State University

1980-83 Assistant to Manager
Korea Exchange Bank, Seoul, Korea
Published Journals
2006 - “How do managers respond to failures: A comparison between Korea and the
U.S.A.” Journal of Population.

2004 - “’Lead and Support versus Control and Command’: A Case Study of Culture Clash in a
Canadian-Korean Merger.” Acta Koreana, Vol. 8, No. 1: 37-48, with Y. W. Han.

2002 - “Foreign Direct Investment by Korean Firms: Profile, Theory, and Implementation,”.
Journal of International Business and Economy. Vol. 3, No. 1: 47-68, with T. Craig

1998 “The concept of face and its inplications for organizational behaviour in Asia,” Organization Science, Vol 9, 4: 522-534, with Joo-Yup Kim.

1995 - "Culture, control, and commitment in international joint ventures," International Journal of Human Resource Management,” Special Issues on Managing Diversity in the Workforce: Cross-National and Intra-National.

1990 - "Korean corporate culture: A comparative analysis," In G. Ferris and K. Rowland (eds.), Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, Supplement #2, 247-261. with Steers, R. M., Shin, Y. K., Ungson, G. R., as co-authors

1990 – “Work Environment and Management Practice in Korean Corporations.” International Human Resource Management Review, Vol. 1. Singapore Institute of Personnel Management, Singapore, McGraw-Hill, with Shin, Steers, and Ungson as co-authors.
Authored Books
2013 나는 왜 사람이 힘든가 (Why am I having difficulty managing people?), 알투스

2008 “다양성 없이 선진화 없다 (January 30), 서울경제신

2006 글로벌 리더, 인물과 사상사

1997 "Expectancy theory approach to motivating more effective teaching." in Bess, J. L. (ed.) Teaching Well and Liking It: The Motivation of Faculty in Higher Education, Johns Hopkins University Press, with Richard Mowday as co-author.

1995 "Human Resource Management in South Korea." In L. F. Moore and P. D. Jennings (eds.), Human Resource Management on the Pacific Rim, Berlin, de Gruyter, with Koch and Steers as co-authors.

1994 "Evolution of Corporate Strategy in Korean High Technology Firms: 1960-1990." In M. W. Lawless and L. R. Gomez-Meija (eds.), Advances in Global High-Technology Management, Vol 4 (Part B), Greenwich, Connecticut, JAI Press Inc, with Ungson, Steers, and Park as co-authors.