Chun, Byung June (전병준) 교수 상세 프로필

Chun, Byung June (전병준) 사진
Chun, Byung June (전병준)
Chung-ang University
Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Cross-cultural Organizational Behavior,
Digitalization of Entertainment Industry
Motivation and leadership
Behavior in Money and Law
Ph.D. 1998, University of Oregon, Organizational Studies
M.B.A. 1990, Seoul National University, Majoring in Management
B.B.A. 1988, Seoul National University
Professor of Management, Chung-ang University, 2011-present
Vice Present of Korean Academic Society of Business Administration, 2012-present
Editorial Board Member of Korean Business Review, 2011-2012
Director of the Academy of International Management, 2011-present
Steering Committee for the Examination of Certified Public Accountant in Korea, 2010-2012
Executive Director of Korean Academic Society of Business Administration, 2009-2011
Director of the Advanced Management Program at Chung-ang University, 2010
Department Head, College of Business Administration, Chung-ang University, 2010
Director of Korean Academy of Management, 2010-2011
Director of Korean Academy of Leadership, 2009-2010
Visiting Research Scholar at the Levin Institute in the State University of New York, 2008-2009
Published Journals
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