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Manuel London
Dean, College of Business, SUNY at Stony Brook
TMP586 Human Resources Management for High Technology Environments
TMP548 Corporate Governance and Ethics
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
MA, June 1972; Ph.D. June, 1974
Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
BA, June 1971, Magna Cum Laude
Philosophy and Psychology
State University of New York At Stony Brook
2011-Present: Dean, College of Business - 2010-2011: Interim Dean, College of Business
2006-2010: Associate Dean, College of Business
2004-Present: Faculty Director, Undergraduate College of Leadership & Service
1989-Present: Director, Center for Human Resource Management Research & Practice
1997-2006: Associate Provost.
2003-2006: Faculty Co-Chair (with David Ferguson) of the Committee for the Assessment of General Education
1994-1995: Interim Vice President for University Affairs.
1992-1995: Deputy to the University President Internal Control Officer.
1990-1991: Special Assistant to the Office of the University's President.

Bifrost University, Iceland
Summers 2006 and 2007, Visiting Professor, International Human Resource Management

Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC
Research Fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership, 1996-1998.
Summer Fellow, 1974

Fulbright, Copenhagen Business School
Fulbright Fellowship to lecture and conduct research at the Institute for Industrial and Organizational Sociology, Copenhagen Business School, Summer-Fall 1996. Continued relationship with CBS, including development of an on-going student exchange program.

1988: AT&T Network Operations Education and Training Organization, Manager of Planning and Management Systems. Aspen Institute Executive Development Program.
1987: AT&T Corporate Headquarters with responsibilities for Human Resource Forecasting and Planning.
1984-1987: AT&T Communications. Held a series of positions in the Personnel Department responsible for training program development, QWL evaluation, career planning and development programs, employee attitude surveys, and personnel policies and practices in the areas of tuition assistance and organization development and design.
1977-1984: Staff psychologist, AT&T. Worked for Dr. Douglas Bray in his Basic Human Resources Research Group studying management promotion decisions and managers’ early career experiences using assessment center based research methods.

University of Illinois
1974-1977: Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure approved Spring 1977. Founding faculty member of the Executive MBA Program.
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