Jeong, Jin Hong (정진홍) 교수 상세 프로필

Jeong, Jin Hong (정진홍) 사진
Jeong, Jin Hong (정진홍)
Visiting Professor, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies
Director of Industry and Business Administration
Director of Industry Security Research Institute
Management practice of Industry Security
Practice of law for Industry Security
Practice of investigation for Industry Security
Research for Industrial Spy Cases and Precedents

Ph. D. in Law, August 1993. 8 HANYANG UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF LAW, Seoul, Korea
M.A. in Education, August 1983. 8 KOREA UNIVERSITY, GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, Seoul, Korea
B.A. in Law, January 1975. 2 HANYANG UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE OF LAW, Seoul, Korea

Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies, Seoul, Korea (2009.3 ~ Present)
Professor, Dean of Graduate School of Industrial Information MBA /Director of Industrial Security Research Center

National Intelligence Service (2011.6)
Advisor of Industrial Security

Industry Policy Research Center (2010.10)
Research Fellow

Small and Medium Business Administration (2010.9)
Advisor of Technology Information Center

Korea Internet & Security Agency (2010.6)
Advisor of Information Protection

Korean National Police Agency (2010.4)
Independent Advisory Counselor, Foreign Affairs Investigation Bureau

Korean National Intelligence Service (2009.6)
Director of Korean National Industrial Security Center

University of Iowa, School of Law (1994.8-1996.5)
Research Scholar, LL.M Course

The Graduate School of National Intelligence (1992.4)
Professor of Investigation Science Department
Published Journals
1996 Influence of U.S Judicial Review on the Korean Legal System
1997 The Influence of U.S Constitutional Due Process on the Korean Legal System
2000 The Application of the Foreign Immunity to the State Defendant in the Alien Torts Claims Act
2008 Countermeasures by Analyzing criminal Types and Causes in the Industrial Espionage
2009 Improving the Scientific Investigation Process concerning Collection of Evidence which was Changed due to the Recent Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law
2009 Analytical Investigation of Damages from Technological Leakage by Industrial Spying and Their Scientific Estimation Methods
Authored Books
Lectures on Criminal Law and Criminal Law Procedure, 2008
Theory and Substance of Industry Security, 2009
Case Studies on Industrial Espionage, 2010
Research on Industry Security Case Laws, 2011
Criminal Investigation on Industry Security, 2011