Kim, Hann Earl (김한얼) 교수 상세 프로필

Kim, Hann Earl (김한얼) 사진
Kim, Hann Earl (김한얼)
Hongik University
Corporate Strategy, Innovation & Strategy, Global Strategy,
International Business, Korean Business
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. 2000
Ph.D. in Management
Thesis: “Technological evolution at the producer-consumer interface”

Korea University, Seoul, Korea 1992
M.B.A. in Management
Thesis: “Mentor relationship as a socialization process: A study of newcomers”

Korea University, Seoul, Korea 1990
B.B.A. with Magna Cum Laude
Associate Professor 2007 – 2010
KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Hoegiro 87, Dongdaemun-gu
Seoul 130-868, KOREA
Lecturer (Equivalent to Assistant Professor in the U.S. system) 2000 – 2005
Australian Graduate School of Management
The University of New South Wales
Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia
Published Journals
Publication in English

“Law firm and lawyer market in Korea: Some stylized facts and their implications” In M.J Tcha (ed.) The service sector advancement: Issues and implications for the Korean economy, Seoul, Korea, 2010, pp. 215-226 (with D. Kim).

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“Protégé’s needs orientation to mentoring functions” Proceedings in the Advances in Management, the 2nd Bicentennial Conference, 1993, Calgary, Canada.

Publication in Korean

“Evaluation and suggestions on venture policies in Korea” Korea Business Review, 2012, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 211-228 (with H.S.Lee, J.W.Lee, and S.M.Lee)

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