Park, Jeong Yeol (박정열) 교수 상세 프로필

Park, Jeong Yeol (박정열) 사진
Park, Jeong Yeol (박정열)

Professor, Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies

Areas of Interest
Research Methodology, Cultural Psychology, Organizational behavior
Research Methodology, Statistics, Organization and Commitment

1999. 03 ~ 2003. 08 Ph.D. in Psychology, Chung Ang University

1996. 03 ~ 1999. 02 M.A. in Psychology, Chung Ang University

1990. 03 ~ 1996. 02 B.A. in Psychology, Chung Ang University

Mar. 2011 - Present, aSSIST, Professor
Mar. 2008 - Feb. 2011, Human Managenet Institute, Senior Researcher
Sep. 2006 - Feb. 2008, Korea Univerisity, Research Professor
Published Journals
[1] Park, C. Y., Shin, J. W., & Shin, K. L. (2015). The mediating effects of WF-FW conflict between leisure balance and marital satisfaction in working women. Journal of Leisure, Park & Recreation Studies, 39(1), 85-97.
[2] Bae, J. W., & Park, C. Y. (2015) Influence of user-motivation on user-commitment in social media: Moderating effects of social pressure. The Journal of the Korea Contents Association, 15(1), 462-474.
[3] Sohn, Y. M., & Park, C. Y. (2014). The comparative effects of organizational culture and work-family support system on the married working women’ work-family spillover. Korean Society for Wellness, 9(4), 111-125.
[4] Park, C. Y., & Sohn, Y. M., & Oh, S. S. (2014). Time use and psychological characteristics of part-time female paid workers by the typology of work-life balance. Journal of Leisure Studies, 12(1), 79-105.
[5] Park, C. Y., & Sohn, Y. M. (2014). A typology of female workers’ work-life balance: Focused on full-time female paid workers using the 2009 Korean Time Survey. Joural of Korean Family Resource Management Association, 18(2), 75-102.
[6] Oh, S. S., Kim, J. S., & Park, C. Y. (2014). An exploration on the career experiences of married female sports for all instructors caring the elderly. Journal of Leisure Studies, 12(2), 25-42.
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[10] Sohn, Y. M., Kang, S. J., & Park, C. Y. (2014). The North Korean female refugees’ personality and psychological adaptation. Korean Joural of Culturel and Social Issues, 20(1),19-44.
Authored Books
Kim, Y. S. et al. (2006). Leisure and culture: Cultural codes of leisure studies. Seoul : Yukrak.