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본교 박사과정 학생들의 논문이 학술지에 게재된 현황입니다.

아래의 연구실적은 입학 이후부터 학위취득 전까지 국내/해외 학술지에 게재확정을 마친 논문입니다.

aSSIST 경영전문대학원 학술지 게재 현황

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등재학술지게재 현황
NO. 학번 이름 저자 제목 학회지정보 등재지구분
491 2110200020 안병옥 안병옥, 김보영 A Decision-Making Model for Selecting Product Suppliers in Crop Protection Retail Sector Administrative Sciences 13: 97. SCOPUS
490 2110213003 정형묵 정형묵, 김보영, Ivan Ureta Vaquero Data Valuation Model for Estimating Collateral Loans in Corporate Financial Transaction J. Risk Financial Manag. 2023, 16, 206. SCOPUS
489 2010205004 김상준 김상준, 김호현, Erdal Atukeren Effects of Board Independence on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Financial Consequences: Evidence from South Korea. Environments 2023, 10, 56. SCOPUS
488 1920205003 김세훈 김세훈 Innovating knowledge and information for a firm-level automobile demand forecast system: A machine learning perspective Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, Volume 8, Issue 2, 2023, SSCI
487 2110200017 명주동 명주동, 김보영 Effects of Medical O2O Platform Quality Components on Continuous Use Intention to Information Distribution Journal of Distribution Science, 20(10), 105–117. SCOPUS
486 2010205004 김상준 김상준, Erdal Atukeren, 김호현 Does the market's reaction to greenhouse gas emissions differ between B2B and B2C? Evidence from South Korea Finance Research Letters Volume 53, 2023, 103640 SSCI
485 2110200020 안병옥 안병옥, 김보영, 우종필 Effects of Supplier’s Competitive Factors on Relationship Performance and Product Recommendation in Crop Protection Retail Sector. Journal of Risk and Financial Management 15: 540. SCOPUS
484 2110200017 명주동 명주동, 김보영 The Effects of Service Quality of Medical Information O2O Platform on Continuous Use Intention: Case of South Korea Information 2022, 13, 486. SCOPUS
483 2110200009 진민석 진민석, 김보영 Effects of ESG Activity Recognition Factors on Innovative Organization Culture, Job Crafting, and Job Performance Administrative Sciences 12: 127. SCOPUS
482 1920205003 김세훈 김세훈 A Global Entrepreneurship Efficiency Benchmarking and Comparison Study based on National Systems of Entrepreneurship and Early-Stage Business: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach. SAGE Open, 12(3). SSCI
481 2010200007 박미혜 박미혜, 박정열 Q 방법론을 활용한 하이브리드 학습에 대한 경영대학원생의 인식 유형 연구 Korea Business Review, 26(3), 43-70. 등재학술지
480 2010200007 박미혜 박미혜, 박정열 에듀테크 산업에서 인공지능을 활용한 사례 비교- IBM Watson Talent와 Riiid R.Inside 중심으로 교육공학연구, 38(2), 333-368. 등재학술지
479 2010200007 박미혜 박미혜, 박정열 하버드 비즈니스 스쿨과 어시스트 경영대학원의 하이브리드 학습: 공평성, 협업, 실험, 혁신의 사례연구 창조와 혁신, 15(1), 89-138. 등재학술지
478 2110200009 진민석 진민석, 김보영 The Effects of ESG Activity Recognition of Corporate Employees on Job Performance: The Case of South Korea Journal of Risk and Financial Management 15: 316. SCOPUS
477 1920205003 김세훈 김세훈 Innovating workplace learning: Training methodology analysis based on content, instructional design, programmed learning, and recommendation framework. Frontiers in Psychology. 13:870574. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.870574 SSCI
476 2010205004 김상준 김상준, 김호현 Corporate risk and greenhouse gas emissions: evidence from Korea Applied Economics Letters, DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2022.2096852 SSCI
475 2110200014 이호동 이호동, 김보영 Invigorating Care Farm Ecosystem based on Public Service Innovation: Case of South Korea Administrative Sciences 12: 58. SCOPUS
474 1402001019 조은미 조은미, 김정은, 이영면 The Impact of High Performance Work System on Organizational Effectiveness : Moderating Effects of Generation MZ 대한경영학회지, 35(3), 403-429. 등재학술지
473 1502001016 이봉식 이봉식, 조에린 The Relative Effects of Trust and Distrust on Information Acceptance from Mobile Word-of-Mouth and the Moderating Role of Event Significance and the Aggregate Preference International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, DOI: 10.1080/10447318.2022.2041910 SSCI
472 2120200005 김경태 김경태, 김보영 Decision-Making Model for Reinforcing Digital Transformation Strategies based on Artificial Intelligence Technology Information 2022, 13, 253. SCOPUS