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김문수 김문수 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Block Chain, Token Economy, Machine Teaching & Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Crypto Currency, Token Economy & Digital Strategy

최용주 최용주 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Sales Innovation Management – Social Capital & Trust Building, Strategic Management, Key Account Management (B-to-B Sales Strategy), Channel Management: Direct Sales, B-to-D (Distribution Channel) Sales Sales Innovation Management, Sales Educational Consulting,
B-to-B Marketing Strategy,
Strategic Management

고영희 고영희 Research Areas Teaching Areas
International Business & Strategy, Intellectual Property Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Strategic Management for AI & Data-powered Enterprise, Integrated Intellectual Property Management Strategy, Intellectual Capital Management for Sustainable Competitive Advantage, Qualitative Research Method in Management Studies

김길선 김길선 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Management of Technology, Operations Management Management of Technology, Operations Management

김보영 김보영 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Marketing, Service Design, Customer Behavior, Brand Management, Market Trend Sensing, Creative Thinking, Design Management Case Study, Research Methodology, Creative Management, Brand Marketing, Design Management

김상현 김상현 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Sales Innovation Management, Strategic Management, B-to-B(Industrial) Marketing Strategy Strategic Account Management, Channel Partner Management, Sales Force Automation

김서경 김서경 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Corporate Finance, Investments, Derivatives and Asset Pricing Corporate Finance, Investments, Options and Futures, Statistics

김성민 김성민 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Entrepreneurship, Startup growth strategy, Digital driven Business model Innovation Entrepreneurship, Business
Model Innovation

김의철 김의철 Research Areas Teaching Areas
He has conducted research in indigenous, organizational and cultural psychology, focusing on family and parent-child relationship, education attainment and school violence, organizational culture and leadership, health and quality of life, democracy, human rights and political culture. In management, his research focus on leadership, organizational behavior, business ethics, and strategic and knowledge management, emphasizing creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship. Leadership, organizational behavior, business ethics, marketing, strategic management, global management,, organizational innovation, culture and management

김일운 김일운 Research Areas Teaching Areas
cost control, theory of constraints, balanced scorecard, activity-based costing, CEO compensation, and stock market studies management accounting and control, cost management, and international accounting

김종식 김종식 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Digital transformation, Emerging technologies and industries, Organizational leadership, Innovation, Self- motivation and power Management of technology and emerging industries, HR in high tech environment, Technology and innovation strategy, Personal and organizational leadership

김종일 김종일 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Financial Accounting. Valuation, Capital Market Financial Accounting, Accounting Principle, Intermediate Accounting, Financial Instruments Accounting, Analysis of Financial Statements, Corporate Valuation

김주남 김주남 Research Areas Teaching Areas
International Trade, Globalization Introduction to Microeconomics, World Peace and Globalization, International Trade Environment

김지윤 김지윤 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Blockchain – Cryptography, Consensus, On-Chain Data Analysis & Security, De-Fi Decentralized finance – Project Analysis, Smart Contract, Oracle
Blockchain Data – Bitcoin Utxo / Ethereum Account Analysis

김진호 김진호 Research Areas Teaching Areas
AI applications, Predictive Analytics, Text Mining, Big Data Platform Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Predictive Modeling, Individual Research Topics

김태영 김태영 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Image Processing, Satellite Image Analysis, Space Weather, Medical Image AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science

김철중 김철중 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Corporate Finance, Investments, and Derivatives Corporate Finance, Investments, and Derivatives

김학룡 김학룡 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Internet of Things (IoT) Technology, Digital Transformation Strategy, Methodology for Digital Service Design and Design Thinking, Platform Business and Digital Business Models Digital Service Design and Strategy, Business Model and Strategy based on Internet of Things (IoT), The 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation, 5G Technology and 5G-based Business Development

김현정 김현정 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Intelligent Decision Support Systems, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Applications Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Text Mining, Management Science, Research Methodology

김호현 김호현 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Household Finance Corporate Finance, Economics, Quantitative Investing, Statistics

남상훈 남상훈 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Expatriate Management, Culture and Management Cross-Cultural Management, Consulting (Cross-Cultural) Methods and Practices, Organizational Behavior, Strategic HRM

남종원 남종원 Research Areas Teaching Areas
  Finance at the School of Management, Corporate Valuation & Investment Alternatives

류주한 류주한 Research Areas Teaching Areas
corporate strategy, internationalization, localization and foreign market entry, M&As and post-merger integration, Strategic alliance,Emerging market strategy Strategic Management and competitive strategy, International Business, Organization Theory, Entrepreneurship and Startup business, Introduction to Business Administration, International Marketing

문달주 문달주 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Brand Strategy for Change Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy for Sales Performance, Disruptive Innovation in Marketing, Corporate Brand Marketing Consulting Brand Management Strategy, Digital Marketing, Method of Digital Transformation, Latest Marketing Issues Solution

문휘창 문휘창 Research Areas Teaching Areas
International business strategy, national competitiveness The Strategy for Korea’s
Economic Success, The Art of Strategy (Sun Tzu, Michael Porter and Beyond), International Business Competitiveness, Global Business Strategy, Foreign Direct Investment, Cross-Cultural Management

민남식 민남식 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Corporate Culture, Corporate Change and Innovation, Labor Relations, Performance Appraisal Organizational Behavior, Orgnization Theory, Human Resources Management, Communication and Human Relation, Business and Society (Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics), Creativity and Problem Solving

박동련 박동련 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Nonparametric function estimation, Graphical data analysis Data analysis using R, Machine Learning, Time series forecasting

박정열 박정열 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Research Methodology, Cultural Psychology, Positive Psychology, Organizational behavior Research Methodology, Understanding of Statistics, Emotional Intelligence, Organization and Commitment, Psychology of Leisure

서창적 서창적 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Service Quality, Quality of Management, Operations Strategy Operations Management, Service Management, Quality Management

선석기 선석기 Research Areas Teaching Areas
International Trade & Logistics International Trade

설현수 설현수 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Psychological Measurement and Applied Statistics R programming and Data

성극제 성극제 Research Areas Teaching Areas
International Trade, International Negotiations on Services, Economic Development Policies, Industrial Policies, Telecommunication Policy Principles of Economics, Theory and Practice of Negotiation, Korean Economic Development

손동진 손동진 Research Areas Teaching Areas
디지털 마케팅 커뮤니케이션 Digital Marketing Communication
Branding, Content marketing, Digital media, Advertising, Design, Start-up Consulting

신제구 신제구 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Leadership & Coaching, Decision Making, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development Personal and Organizational Leadership, Hubris Leadership

신호상 신호상 Research Areas Teaching Areas
System Dynamics, Strategy, Future Study, Asset Management Advanced Technologies, System Dynamics, Business Simulation Game

안재욱 안재욱 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Money & Banking, Financial Institutions, Economic Growth, Free Market Economy Money & Banking, Financial Institutions, Free Market Economy, Principles of

오상진 오상진 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Coaching, Agile, Emotion Intelligent, Digital Transformation Creativity, Innovation, Design Thinking, Statistics Analysis(SPSS, AMOS, MACRO Process), HR Seminar, Digital Transformational Leadership, Digital Transformation in HR, Trend Sensing

유창조 유창조 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Marketing Strategy, Sustainable Management Marketing, Sustainable Management

윤문연 윤문연 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Foreign Direct Investment, Global Value Chain, Global Business Strategy, National Competitiveness, Korean, Chinese, and Other East Asian Economy and Business Foreign Direct Investment, International Business Strategy and Competitiveness

윤석용 윤석용 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Big Data Analysis & Auto ML (빅데이터 분석과 AutoML), Explainable AI (XAI), Data Analytics for Health Care & Finance (의료 및 금융 데이터 분석) Big Data Analysis Methodology (빅데이터 분석 방법론),
Machine Learning & Deep Learning (기계학습과 딥러닝),
R & Citizen Data Scientist Tools
(R 언어와 Citizen Data Scientist

이래중 이래중 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Text Analysis, Natural Language Processing(NLP) Python Basics & Practice on Jupyter Notebook, Data analysis using Python library & crawling, Machine learning & Deep learning using Python library, IT Basics, Mathematics review for Big Data analysis, Data analysis & Machine learning using Python, Startup coaching & consulting, Data analysis and solution development using Python, SNS data analysis using Python, Data Processing & Analysis practice, Basic statistics, data mining using ‘Brightics’

이병욱 이병욱 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Information Security Artificial intelligence (for Finance), Blockchain, Information Security, Network

이연우 이연우 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Co-creation/innovation process, Business ecosystem, Diversification strategy, Value chain convergence, Media and entertainment industry Strategic Management, Business Environment, Global Business Strategy, Conceptual Development Research, Seminar for Comparative Case Analysis, International Business Relations

이윤철 이윤철 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Strategic Business Management, International Business Management Business Case, CSV Strategy, Global Innovation Strategy, Management Strategy, Research Methodology

이진형 이진형 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Digital Marketing, Data Marketing, Big Data Analysis, Marketing A.I Data Marketing Theory, Data Marketing Strategy, Data Marketing ROI, MATECH Case-Study

이태동 이태동 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Big Data Platform Optimization, AI/ML Design & Modeling on Cloud Big Data Platform Design & Implementation, AI/ML on Cloud, Cloud SaaS & PaaS

전병준 전병준 Research Areas Teaching Areas
  Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Cross-cultural Organizational Behavior, Digitalization of Entertainment Industry, Motivation and leadership, Behavior in Money and Law

홍아름 홍아름 Research Areas Teaching Areas
  Industry 4.0 and Innovation Management, Managerial Statistics, Statistics for Management and Economics, Research Methodology and Data Analytics, Paradox and Truth of Statistics and Data Mining

홍훈 홍훈 Research Areas Teaching Areas
History of Economic Thought, Political Economy, Behavioral Economics History of Economic Thought, Behavioral Economics, Critique of Economic Theory

황비 황비 Research Areas Teaching Areas
Corporate Strategy, Internationalization, M & A, Sustainability Management, Brand Management International Business Management, International Logistics, Multinational Enterprise Management, Brand Management & Storytelling, Strategy Management, Digital China, China&Korea Business Management.

Aaron Kim Aaron Kim Research Areas Teaching Areas
Financial Risk Management, Derivative pricing and hedging, Mathematical and statistical modeling with Levy Process, time varying volatility, asymmetric dependence, fattails and long range dependence. Financial Risk management, Derivative pricing and hedging, Fixed income security, Credit risk management.

Aristotle Lekacos Aristotle Lekacos Research Areas Teaching Areas
Educational Technology Educational Technology

Constance Lutolf-Car Constance
Research Areas Teaching Areas
Strategy, finance, and entrepreneurship, Management of global equity portfolios, Mutual funds and pension funds management, Mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and strategic alliances Topics in Global Investing

David Y. Choi David Y. Choi Research Areas Teaching Areas
Several topics in Entrepreneurship including Social & Values-Centered Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Mindset (Cognition/Orientation/Intention), and Innovation/Technology Management. New Venture Startup

Dmytro Holod Dmytro Holod Research Areas Teaching Areas
Corporate Finance, Banking and Financial Intermediation, Financial Markets and Institutions, Monetary Policy, Economic Growth Financial Management, Financial Markets and Venture Finance

Hannu Seristö Hannu Seristö Research Areas Teaching Areas
  International Business, Global Marketing

H. Young Baek H. Young Baek Research Areas Teaching Areas
Statistical Process Control, Project Management, Engineering Statistics Corporate Finance, International Financial Market

Johnathan R. Cromwell Johnathan R. Cromwell Research Areas Teaching Areas
  Creativity and
Business Innovation

Lily Cushenbery Lily Cushenbery Research Areas Teaching Areas
Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Management Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Management

Michael Baker Michael Baker Research Areas Teaching Areas
  Management Communication, Negotiation and Writing Strategies

Richard Chan Richard Chan Research Areas Teaching Areas
Management, Organization Management, Organization

Robert Ettl Robert Ettl Research Areas Teaching Areas
Management, Marketing Management, Marketing

Sanjit Sengupta Sanjit Sengupta Research Areas Teaching Areas
Strategic Marketing, Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations, Business-to-Business Marketing, Marketing High Tech Products, Value Creation Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations, B2B Marketing

Stefan Meisiek Stefan Meisiek Research Areas Teaching Areas
  Creativity and Business Innovation

Teemu Malmi Teemu Malmi Research Areas Teaching Areas
Management Accounting management accounting, management control and management systems, strategic planning and strategy implementation and financial accounting and financial statement analysis