Program Overview

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Global Executive Leadership Course

Management Leadership Consulting Course Based on Top Leadership Program at Global Top Business School INSEAD

Course Introduction

We have optimized and designed the global Top Business School INSEAD top-level leadership program for domestic companies that consult to lead to organizational performance by changing the role of leaders.

Becoming a high-performance professional leader requires tangible change. We help you achieve real change through proven programs participated by over 30,000 global leaders and modern psychological approach to coaching.

Course characteristics
  • - Global leadership research base
    • World-renowned scholar INSEAD Professor Manfred Katzd Bris, INSEAD Global Leadership Center, coaching education based on the latest research
  • Group Coaching
    • Creating psychodynamics of cohesion, purification, and identification through European-style group coaching.-> Promoting psychological and behavioral change
    • Incorporation of professional group coaching coaches
  • GELM diagnostic tool
    • 360-degree feedback in four dimensions (individual, team, organization, network)
    • Relative analysis/interpretation/utilization compared to 30,000 leaders around the world
  • Coach expertise
    • Representative Coach INSEAD Research Professor
    • All coaches completed INSEAD group coaching program
    • Psychology major
    • corporate professional coach