Program Overview

home Degree Program for Int'l Students Korean Education Management (MBA)
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Korean Education Management (MBA)

Degree Program for Int'l Students

Program Overview
Program Overview

There is a need for educational programs that cater to the requirements of teachers, education management, and learners, suiting the changed educational environment due to digital innovation and the evolving future educational society. Amidst these shifts in the educational landscape, the role and function of teachers must also adapt. Moreover, with the advancements in artificial intelligence technology, personalized learning has become feasible, sparking debates about the necessity of teachers. In a rapidly changing world, the time has come to innovate the profession of teaching. In addition to the role of instructors, they must also grasp the educational environment and the trends of the times to develop the ability to grow and establish themselves as suitable teachers and teacher management leaders.

The Master's and Doctor's degree in Korean Education Management (KEM) is a process that combines Korean language and culture education and education management. In addition, we aim to produce global education experts who can learn the latest Edu-Tech and apply it to their own subjects

Program Features
  • Train Education Management Professionals
    • Knowledge learning of necessary for educational management such as establishing and operating educational institutions and managing faculty and staff
    • Explore the roles and qualities of education managers, including education management leadership and institutional consulting
  • Learn and Utilize 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies including AI
    • Understand, utilize, and apply the latest knowledge required for education in the AI era and the future education environment
    • Learn method for natural language processing(data analysis, utilization of AI technology in education)
  • Professional education and activities in Korean Studies, Korean language and culture
    • Understand Korean studies and knowledge learning in the areas of Korean business, economy, politics, history, arts and language
    • Composition of the best faculty members in Korea as well as inviting the best experts in each field as faculty members (open platform system)
    • Support for various self-organized activities such as special lectures by experts on Korean studies, the Korean language, Korean culture and multiculturalism, book clubs, group study activities, etc.
    • Explore your major career path through on-the-job training linked to Korean language education organizations
  • Certification of Korean Language Teacher(Level2)
    • Acquire the qualification to apply for certification to teach Korean around the world
Head Professor : KIM YUMI
- Current) Head professor of Korean Education Management department at aSSIST University.
- Current) Professor of Global Human Resources Department/Graduate School of Education at Yonsei University
- Current) General director of the Korean Language & Culture Education Society
- Current) K-MOOK content judge
- Professor at Institute of Language Education at Kyunghee University, 2003~2020.
- Professor at Korean Language Department and International Language Culture Graduate School at Kyunghee University
- Developing Korean language curriculum for international elementary and secondary schools
- Training Korean teacher education and evaluation (TOPIK, SKA)
- Developing online Korean language education (MOOC, Korea Cyber University, Korea Communications University, KBS Standard Korean), etc.
Professor : Kim, Hyunjung
- Current) a special professor of Korean Education Management department at aSSIST University.
- Current) General director of the International Korean Language Society/ Bilingual Society /the Korean Language & Culture Education Society
- Full-time lecturer, Sogang University Korean Language Education Center, Seoul, Korea
- Senior researcher, Sogang Global Korean Studies Initiatives, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
- Senior researcher, King Sejong Institute Foundation, Seoul, Korea (March 2020 ~ February 2021)