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Program Overview
Program Introduction

aSSIST University’s Ph.D. Program in Business Administration is a full-time degree program designed for individuals who have achieved notable success in various industries and aim to establish their practical experience and business management skills into significant contributions in the field of business administration.

This program is structured to enable students to pursue a doctoral degree from the first semester, engaging in the development of a research proposal and attending coursework on research methodologies.

Students have the freedom to select their desired faculty member as their research paper advisor. Furthermore, they can receive individualized, one-on-one education customized to their specific research topics through the Research Methodology Lab, which operates every evening.

Program Introduction
Program Class Days Class Hours Credits Degree
Ph.D. Program in Business Administration Biweekly Sat/Sun 08:30 ~ 17:30 37credits Ph.D. in Business Administration
Program Features
  • Optimal academic schedule to write a research paper
    • Social sciences research methodology class in the first year
    • Seminars on business administration to select a research paper topic
    • Group Seminars, colloquium, and individual research paper guidance for research paper writing
  • Multiple Advisers System
    • Students can select two preferred faculty members as their research paper advisors (faculty members from other universities are acceptable)
    • Guidance customized to the students’ research topic
  • Objective management of research paper performance
    • Meeting publication requirements for recognized academic journals such as SCI/SSCI, SCOPUS, and those listed by the National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Strengthen academic activities and diverse knowledge exchange
    • Opportunities for presentations through group seminars, colloquium, and attendance and discussions in domestic and international conferences
  • Career-centered professional program
    • Priority selection of applicants with over 10 years of professional experience, especially leaders of organizations such as CEOs or social leaders
    • Suitable for professionals seeking to systematize practical experience and skills academically
  • Differentiated operational system
    • Regular operation of the Doctoral Program Operation Committee to facilitate the advancement of the doctoral program
Establishing Transparent Professor-Student Relationships
  • The aSSIST University’s doctoral program has adhered to a philosophy of transparent and ethical school management since its founding. In accordance with its regulations, professors are strictly prohibited from accepting any monetary gifts or hospitality from students under any circumstances, including but not limited to meetings, research meetings, and evaluations.
  • Visit the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration's social media accounts for more information.
Head Professor
Head Professor
교수명 이메일 담당
Yim, Hyosook Ph.D. Head Professor
Choi, Jinhee Ph.D. Head Professor
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