Program Overview

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Franklin University Switzerland (FUS)
Venture Capital Executive MBA


Program Overview
Program Introduction

The Dual Degree EMBA program in Venture Capital at Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) is a collaborative initiative designed in partnership with aSSIST. This program, upon meeting all graduation requirements of both institutions, allows participants to obtain both the FUS EMBA and the aSSIST Venture Capital MBA degrees concurrently. Pursuing the dual degree from FUS is optional, and participants also have the option to obtain only the aSSIST Venture Capital MBA.

Key Features of the Program

The first-ever domestic program for dual degrees in Venture Capital from international universities: aSSIST Venture Capital MBA + FUS EMBA.

  • Faculty Composed of Leading Experts
  • Flexible Learning Design Compatible with Employment
  • Cost-effective International Degree Acquisition Compared to Studying Abroad
Key Features of the Program
Conferred Degrees aSSIST Venture Capital MBA + FUS EMBA
Program Duration 1.5 years
Class Schedule Friday, Saturday
Minimum Graduation Requirements Minimum 45 credits
  • Compulsory: 7.5 credits (5 courses) from FUS in Korea and Switzerland
  • Business Project and Thesis Writing: 3 credits
  • Major Courses: Minimum 33 credits (21 courses) or more
  • Opportunity to Take AI-related Courses from Other Courses
  • Graduation Requirements: Minimum 45 credits (Up to 10.5 credits may be recognized based on corporate experience)
  • Course Structure: Each course is composed of a total of 22.5-24 hours (1.5 credits per course)
  • MBS (Management Book Society): A required liberal arts, separate from the 45 credits required for graduation (1 credit).
Introduction to the Overseas University
Introduction to the Overseas University FUS – EMBA Homepage Link
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Franklin University Switzerland (FUS)
Established in 1969, Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) is the only university accredited simultaneously by the Swiss and US governments. As a globally recognized university with a focus on practical learning, it boasts strengths in collaborations with leading global companies and alumni networks. FUS is a prestigious institution engaged in joint projects with UN agencies and multinational corporations.

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Graduate performance
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