Program Overview

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aSSIST-KORTA global business

A short-term intensive course to strengthen global capabilities jointly planned and operated with KORTA Academy

Course Introduction

The aSSIST-KOTRA Global Business Course is an educational program jointly planned and operated by aSSIST and KOTRA Academy since 2014.
assist Since 1995, we have been operating dual-degree MBA programs, doctoral courses in business administration, CEO courses, and corporate-tailored courses with prestigious overseas business schools.
KOTRA Academy has been providing education and training to revitalize trade and investment of domestic companies for about 50 years based on its extensive overseas network.
The training content is designed to strengthen the global capabilities of core talent within the company and aims to foster experts with outstanding abilities in the field and practice.

글로벌 마케팅 과정
Course characteristics
  • Joint planning and operation with KOTRA Academy in 2014
  • Training course to improve practical skills that can be directly used in overseas business practice
  • A course completed in 1-2 days with learner-centered, realistic lectures!
  • Consists of a training course to strengthen the global capabilities of key talent, including global business contracts/contract practice, negotiation, overseas exhibition marketing, and sales competency improvement
  • Live, case-based classes with instructors comprised of KOTRA's working-level manager, team leader of Korea's largest agency, international lawyer, and consulting representative
  • Global Business - Contracts / Contract Practice
    • Document management and understanding of international contracts in the international transaction process
    • Analysis of legal implications of each provision according to dispute resolution methods and law enforcement
    • Practice writing English contracts and introduction to document management and cases that appear in the contract process
    • A simulation class that explores solutions based on cases to minimize errors that may occur during practical work.
  • Global Business - Negotiations
    • Understanding the overall approach to consider when negotiating in international relations
    • Understanding key negotiation issues and negotiation preparation applicable to international contracts and transactions, analyzing the other party, and how to respond by culture/type
    • Acquire practical skills through business negotiation theory and various mock negotiations.
  • Overseas exhibition marketing
    • Improving overall understanding of overseas exhibitions and learning about the design and operation of exhibition booths
    • Establishment of economic strategies and identification of national support status required when participating in overseas exhibitions
    • Live case-based classes with instructors comprised of KOTRA's Global Buyer Support Office, overseas exhibition cooperation team leaders, and representatives of Korea's largest agencies and consulting companies.
  • Sales competency improvement process
    • Academic-based education using Korea’s only Sales MBA program
    • Understanding sales innovation from the perspective of 3S Sales (Strategic/ Systematic/ Scientific Sales)
    • Understanding the necessary competencies and training to improve salesperson performance
    • Finding ways to improve partnerships with customers through learning new value proposition sales capabilities