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aSSIST Business Case Center


Business Case Center
CSV•ESG Porter Prize

Named in honor of Professor Michael Porter of Harvard University, the CSV•ESG Porter Prize stands as a joint initiative with the Industrial Policy Research Institute (IPS). This prestigious award recognizes and compiles exemplary cases from leading industrial companies and institutions that have significantly contributed to building a sustainable society, aligning with the philosophy of Creating Shared Value (CSV) pioneered by Professor Porter.

Korea Brand Award

The Korea Brand Award, orchestrated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and organized by the Industrial Policy Research Institute (IPS), celebrates exceptional brand management strategies that augment industrial competitiveness and bolster national economic development. This platform acknowledges and gathers cases from outstanding entities, local governments, and organizations commended by the government for their innovative branding efforts.

National Service Award

Highlighting commendable service provision across diverse industries, the National Service Award, bestowed by the Industrial Policy Research Institute (IPS), celebrates companies and institutions cherished by consumers for their exceptional services. This collection showcases cases recognized for their exceptional service delivery, contributing to societal satisfaction.

Business Project

An integral part of the master’s degree curriculum at aSSIST, the Business Project compiles exemplary case studies completed by students. This initiative encourages comprehensive exploration and analysis, fostering practical insights and experiential learning

Business Case Center

Dedicated to investigating and analyzing management cases within companies and organizations, the Management Case Center serves as a reservoir of in-depth analysis and insights into contemporary management issues and operational mechanisms. This repository showcases cases investigated and registered with the Center.

Journal of Mechanism Management

A scholarly journal dedicated to probing the applicability of Mechanism Management—deemed the fourth paradigm—in tandem with traditional management strategies and innovation research. Focused on practical case studies, this journal enriches the discourse on management strategy and innovation.

Corporate Research Journal

A scholarly publication delving into a spectrum of contemporary business management topics, offering practical insights gleaned from rigorous research for application in the corporate sphere.

Research Team

Center Director

Park, Cheong Yeul / Professor, aSSIST University


Lee, Hwa Jin / Head of Brand Design, Industrial Policy Research Institute

Kim, Eugene / Deputy Director, EGS Research Center

Join us in celebrating excellence, innovation, and scholarly inquiry across various facets of business and management, fostering a community dedicated to advancing the forefront of industry practices and scholarly exploration.