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비주얼 사진


A specialized Korean language education program that allows you to experience both fluent Korean and TOPIK certificates, Korean traditions and the Korean economy at the same time

Application process
Qualifications for application
  • Domestic and international foreigners aged 18 or older who want to study Korean
  • High school graduate or expected to graduate or higher
  • Overseas Koreans or foreigners who are not native speakers
How to apply
  • Submit application
    for admission
    (payment of application fee)
  • Document screening
  • Notification of
    screening results /
    Informing the
    registration procedure
  • Payment of
  • Informing
    the semester
  • Semester start
Required documents

※Documents to be submitted are standard documents and may differ depending on the country.

  1. (1) Application for admission
    - Includes 2 identification photos (white background photos taken within the last 3 months, 3.5cm*4.5cm)
    - Download from the aSSIST Korean Language Institute website form
  2. (2) Study plan
  3. (3) Graduation certificate or certificate of enrollment from the highest school completed (certified copy)
    - - Chinese nationals: 2 copies of the original academic background/degree certification report ( or
    - - Other nationalities: Documents certified by Apostille or Korean consulate confirmation
  4. (4) Proof of employment or career experience (if currently employed)
  5. (5) Copy of passport
  6. (6) Copy of ID card (front and back side)
  7. (7) Alien registration card (limited to holders)
  8. (8) Bank statement certificate (document proving deposit of more than $10,000 in Korean bank)
  9. (9) Copy of health insurance card (illness and injury when studying abroad; if not, insurance is required when registering at a language school)
  10. (10) Family relationship certificate (birth certificate, family relationship certificate, copy of family ID card)
  11. (11) Proof of finances (applicant or parent)
  12. (12) Identity guarantee (submit upon request)
Registration process

After being informed of the screening results and registration procedures, pay tuition to the account below.

Account information
Won: Kookmin Bank 498137-01-004534 (Account: Seoul National University of Science and Technology )
Foreign currency: Woori Bank 1081-700-735946 (Account: Seoul National University of Science and Technology )
Account holder : aSSIST University / Account NO. : 1081-700-735946
Swift code : HVBKKRSEXXX
Bank name : WOORI BANK / Management branch : AHYONYOK BR.
Visa and Refund
Visa issuance
  • tudents who wish to participate in a Korean language training course of more than 2 months must obtain a visa in accordance with the language training period and then enter the country.
  • Obtain a visa varies from 1 to 2 months depending on the country, so you should apply with plenty of time before leaving the country.

  • The refund amount are depending on when you request it.
  • The application fee is not refundable.
  • The tuition refund amount is as follows.
Refund Policy
Refund Policy
Refund application date Refund criteria
Before the semester starts Full tuition (100%) refund excluding application fee
1-7 days after semester starts 2/3 of one month’s tuition + the full amount of tuition for the remaining months
8-10 days after semester starts 1/2 of one month’s tuition + full tuition for the remaining months
11-20 days after the semester starts Full tuition for remaining months
21st-27th day after semester starts 2/3 of one month’s tuition
28-30 days after semester starts 1/2 of 1 month’s tuition
31st day after semester starts~ No refund amount

  • The refund amount is determined depending on the time of submission of the refund request. For D-4 visa holders, visa cancellation will be processed upon receipt of refund request, so please carefully decide and submit.
  • The refund application date is calculated based on the ‘number of school days (excluding weekends and public holidays)’ from the semester start date.
  • You receive a refund via overseas remittance, bank transfer fees, etc. may be deducted.
  • Refunds take an average of 10-15 days (based on banking days) for domestic accounts, and 30-40 days (based on banking days) for international accounts.
Certificate issue
Certificate type
Certificate issue
Certificate of enrollment
  • You can check the period and attendance rate for all semesters you have registered, and this is a document proving that you are currently enrolled.
  • Usage: Visa extension, alien registration card, bank account issuance, etc.
  • Available in English
Tuition receipt
  • You can check the paid tuition for all semesters you are registered for.
  • Usage: Visa extension, alien registration card, etc
  • Available in English
  • You can check the period of time you attended school, grades, and attendance rate.
  • Usage: University/school support, etc.
  • Available in English
Certificate of completion
  • You can check the duration of all enrolled semesters, and this is a document proving that you have completed a specific level at aSSIST Korean Language Institute.
  • It can only be issued to students who have completed the course

Application for certificate issuance
  • After filling out the application(, deposit the appropriate amount into the aSSIST Korean Language Institute account.
  • Per card : 1,000 won (remittance sender’s name and applicant’s name must be the same)
    Kookmin Bank 498137-01-004534 (Account holder: Seoul Graduate School of Science)
  • Pick-up : On-site pick-up at the administrative office or email (scanned copy) only.