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Venture Capital MBA

Program Introduction
Program Overview

The Venture Capital MBA (VC MBA) course is designed to train professionals aiming to work in this rapidly increasing field. It provides an optimized curriculum for those who aim for practical professionals (reviewers, operations) or want to start and operate Venture Capital. The entire faculty will include LP and GP (VC Firm) current experts and industry experts from prestigious overseas MBA (AI, fintech, entertainment, games, etc.) to share knowledge and experience on the latest trends and understanding of the investment target industry. In addition, you will take classes to acquire practical knowledge and improve your capabilities, such as accounting and financial foundations, financial modeling, investment review reports, and investment proposals, and entrepreneurs aiming to start VC Firm, including entrepreneurship, company establishment practice, and funding techniques.

Recommended target
  • Person in charge of investment in financial companies such as VC and securities companies
  • Strategic planning, new business, and marketing for large and midsize businesses
  • Start-up founders, executives and key people
  • 2nd and 3rd generation managers who need to make new innovations in their companies
Curriculum Features
Curriculum Features
  • Korea's first professional MBA course for venture capital and private equity professionals
  • Cultivate industry professionals and VC entrepreneurs
  • Latest pending education on investment target Industry (fields: Fintech, AI & Big Data, Games, Bio, Entertainment)

In the first semester, 3-4 people will form a team to create a virtual investment company (VC Firm or PE Firm). After a semester of basic studies such as accounting, finance, economics, and statistics basics, basic methodologies for understanding and making investment decisions in Industry, company establishment procedures and professionals, the team will present a virtual VC Firm's business plan at the end of the semester. In addition, depending on your choice, you can participate in the Venture Capital Professional Personnel Course and the Professional Self-Management Personnel Course.

The second semester will be incubated by a virtual investment company. Improve your skill as a professional through case analysis of theoretical lectures on various deals related to venture and private equity, understanding cross border funds and impact funds, and in-depth learning on financial modelling. Based on this, each company established virtually by the team will carry out the project with the help of experts.

In the third semester, the company founded by the team and members of the company conduct virtual investment activities on their own. Individual investment review reports and team projects will be conducted, and awards will be given to the best. You can also conduct an internship at VC or PE firm depending on your individual choice.

Subject Name
Subject Name
Semester Subject Name
STEP ONE Basic knowledge and Understanding the Investment Environment
  • Understanding Venture Capital and PEF
  • Understanding Private Equity and Market Trends
  • Basic Analysis of Statements and Valuation of Corporate Value (VALUATION)
  • Understanding investment assets and venture investment contracts
  • Understanding AI's Latest Theory and Management
  • Angel Investment and Start-up Planner
STEP TWO Enhancement of practical capabilities
  • Technology valuation and corporate valuation practice (deepening)
  • VC fund management practice (due diligence, contract, investment review report preparation)
  • Venture capital management strategy (by stage and investment strategy)
  • Venture capital recovery strategy (Secondary, M&A, IPO)
  • Major Adventure Capital Investor Case Analysis Seminar
  • Understanding Impact Investments and ESG
  • Digital Asset Understanding and Operational Strategies
  • VC start-up business plan and investment review report preparation project
STEP THREE Deep Course for VC Leader
  • Metaverse and NFT Investment Seminar
  • Financial Market & Investment Starategy in India
  • A case study of overseas impact start-ups
  • Foreign VC Investment Case Analysis Seminar
  • Seminar on the Update of Venture Capital Government Policy
  • Business Project
  • VPE Market Insights

*The above subjects are subject to change

Faculty features
  • the best proven faculty lectures in business and economics
  • a faculty of on-the-job professionals at VC
  • Invited lectures by Industry experts from overseas prestigious MBA (Columbia, Kellogg, etc.)
Head Professor
Head Professor

Woo, Jae Joon
aSSIST Venture Capital MBA Head Professor

Hallym Pharmaceutical Adviser (Investment Planning and Strategy)
· Korea Growth Finance (Director of Management, Director of Management, Director of Management Planning, Investment Management Headquarters)

· Yonsei University Department of Business Administration (History of Business Administration)
· Yonsei University Technology Policy Cooperation Course Ph.D. completion

Greetings from the head professor

Venture capital and PEF are all private equity funds. Unlike public offering funds that are generally accessible, private equity funds have been a fairly unfamiliar area in that the number and requirements of investors are limited. It is known that the start of modern venture capital began in the United States in the 1940s. However, there has long been a similar way to modern private equity funds, which gather a small number of investors to raise the necessary funds for the business and share profits with investors. Columbus, who discovered the Americas, was actually invested through private equity. At that time, he received funding from the Spanish royal family to launch the ship and sign a contract to distribute the profits generated from the colonies that would later be pioneered. It's been recorded that this kind of business operation was common to merchants in Venice and merchants in Phoenician over a longer period of time.

The merchants of Phoenician made and spread the alphabet. The Venetian merchants created the double-entry bookkeeping, which is the basis of modern accounting, and they opened the Medieval Renaissance to create the foundation of modern capitalism. Colomboos opened a new era by discovering the Americas. Modern capitalism is the result of taking assets accumulated in this European Age of Discovery to the next level through the Industrial Revolution.

In the meantime, Silicon Valley's venture capital has led the Internet and mobile revolution, creating numerous innovative companies, including Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. It has also fundamentally changed our lives. Of course, innovations and discoveries that have changed times are the result of a combination of many factors. However, historical facts confirm that the primitive methods of VC and PE, and the modern methods of VC and PE, all played an important role in innovation and discovery that changed our lives.

This is an era of innovation. So many innovators are being born, and they're bringing us into a new world. And private equity funds such as VCs that will support those innovators are growing with them. Venture Capital MBA aims to foster an eye for innovators who can choose to change the world. We hope that the talent produced by MBA will lead the market, and that the innovators you choose will change the world and lead us to better lives.

Venture Capital MBA Head Professor Woo, Jae Joon

Professor Park Hyejin
- Seoul National University of Science MBA Deputy Professor Venture Capital
- Academic background: aSSIST/Franklin University Switzerland PhD in business administration
- Blockchain based decision-making process of organization, decentralized governance, ESG management
Seoul National University Master of Political Science
- Key experience:
Current CEO of Byyard Co., Ltd.
現 Simsan Ventures(UK) Venture Partner
Current Director of the Korean Society of Systems Dynamics
Former Korean/American start-ups such as Vingle and IUM with 10+ years of experience
Professor Kim Myung Gi
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Education: Doctor of Biological Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology; Master of Science and Technology, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
- Key experience:
Current CEO of LSK Investment
Former Executive Director, Intervest (Director, Bio Investment)
Former Hansol Startup Investment Team
Professor Kim Bong-seop
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Academic background: PhD in Environmental Finance at Yonsei University, Master of Science in Environmental Finance at Yonsei University, Bachelor of Science in Economics/Management at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
- Key experience:
Current Head of the Korea Growth Finance Industry Finance Office
Former fund manager of Multi Asset Asset Management's Alternative Investment Headquarters
Professor Kim Jae-young
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Academic background: Doctor of Business Administration (MIS) at Hansung University, Master of Science and Technology Management at KAIST
- Key experience:
Current Director of Technology Valuation Division, Incredible
Former senior manager of POSCO LED Strategy Office
Former POSCO ICT New Business Promotion Team Manager
Professor Ryu Woo Seok
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Academic background: CEIBS MBA, European Academy of International Commerce, China, Bachelor of Science in Economics, Seoul National University
- Key experience:
Current Samhwa Accounting Corporation Global Service Headquarters (Accountants)
I'm a former Philips healthcare unit.
Former Samil Accounting Firm Financial Advisory Headquarters
Professor Park Sung-ho
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Academic background: Master of Business Engineering at KAIST, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at Seoul National University
- Key experience:
Current Vice President of SM Culture Partners
Former head of the LP Equity Investment Team of Korea Growth Finance
State-run banks, securities firms, etc. worked for a total of 18 years.
Watch of Investment (2019, co-author)
Professor Park Junhyung
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Academic background: Master of computer science at Sogang University, Bachelor of Science in computer science at Sogang University
- Key experience:
Current SM Culture Partners Investment Management Headquarters
Former Korea Venture Investment Fund Management Team 2
Former Korea Development Bank Industry Analysis Team
Former Korea Policy Finance Corporation Ministry of Investment and Finance
Former NHN Dyquest Development Team
Professor Park Hyun-joon
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Academic background: Graduate School of Economics at Yonsei University, Master of Business Economics, Bachelor of Science in English at Kyunggi University
- Key experience:
Current CEO of Gentium Partners
Current Inha University Foundation Support Group Adjunct Professor
Former Meritz Securities Strategy Management Team Team Manager
Former Deputy Head of IBK Investment & Securities' Stock Management Team
Professor Lim Jae-young
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Academic background: Master's Ph.D. Integrated Doctorate in AI Strategy Management, Seoul National University of Technology with Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering
- Key experience:
Current VORONOI Inc., IP Head (Variants)
I'm Kim & Chang's law firm, patent attorney.
前 JunHe Law firm (Shanghai), Visiting Attorney
Professor Choi Bae-ho
- Professor of MBA Venture Capital, Seoul National University of Science
- Academic background: Master of Technology, POSTECH, Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering, Pusan National University
- Key experience:
Current Director, Investment Division, Meta Investment
Former Korea Development Bank Venture Finance Office
Former head of the management team of Korea Growth Finance Investment Management Headquarters