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A specialized Korean language education program that allows you to experience both fluent Korean and TOPIK certificates, Korean traditions and the Korean economy at the same time

Director's greeting
Director's greeting

From K-Culture to Korean Language

We sincerely welcome you to aSSIST Korean Language Institute (KLI).
Korean is a beautiful language and an important key to a deeper understanding of Korean history and culture. aSSIST KLI is a special place for you to learn Korean and experience Korean culture.
aSSIST University is Korea's first graduate school of business, established in 2004. aSSIST Korean Language Institute is an affiliated institution of aSSIST University. Professional and friendly educators will support your learning of the Korean language, and you will be able to experience both academic and cultural aspects through various educational programs and activities. We will do our best to ensure your learning success, as well as provide you with an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

aSSIST KLI operates a six-semester system per year. Each semester has 2 months, so it is the most effective curriculum for students who want to acquire a level of Korean language in a short period of time. In addition to regular courses, there are various courses, and through an MOU with the King Sejong Institute Foundation, we also provide opportunities to take the Sejong Korean Assessment (SKA). In addition, we have dramatically improved the educational environment, equipped with state-of-the-art educational facilities, and created educational conditions suitable for a rapidly changing era.

aSSIST KLI welcomes learners with diverse backgrounds and goals. We look forward to your participation as a community where we learn and grow together.
We will provide support to realize your dreams and goals, and will strive to meet the individual needs of each learner.
We look forward to embarking on a rich Korean language learning journey with you. We will move towards a better future together.

Thank you.

Director of Korean Language Institute, aSSIST University

Course Features

aSSIST 한국어학당 과정 특징

  • 1. Professional teachers and education programs

    aSSIST Korean Language Institute is comprised of the country's top professional and experienced experts and provides programs specialized in Korean language education. We provide students with level-specific writing classes, mandatory self-study, and 1:1 personal feedback so they can identify and improve their weaknesses. We provide a variety of educational activities for effective language acquisition and cultural experience.

  • 2. Differentiated curriculum to prepare for admission to Korean universities

    At aSSIST Korean Language Institute, each semester consists of 2 months (6 semesters per year), so you can acquire a Korean language level in a short period of time, and save costs and time with the shortened study period. It is possible to reach at least level 3, which is the level required for admission to a Korean university (minimum level requirements vary by university and department) in just 4 semesters (8 months).

  • 3. Comprehensive support system only for aSSIST students

    Many students choose aSSIST Korean Language Institute because they can enjoy studying abroad in Korea on online and in person learning with 'Nuribot ' activities. In addition, aSSIST students have priority to take the Sejong Korean Assessment (SKA) with group registration and early allocation of the test.

  • 4. Campus life in the heart of Seoul

    Located in the heart of Sinchon, a hub for Korean universities, our campus provides easy access to renowned universities and major cultural facilities in Seoul. With dense coverage of key bus and subway routes around the campus, transportation is convenient. Additionally, the area boasts rich living and medical infrastructure, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant lifestyle.

한국어학당 Directions
Korean language institute address and contact information

Address  aSSIST University, 46 Ewhayeodae 2-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 03767

Contact    82-2-360-0787 / 82-2-360-0766

Direction to KLI

- Subway Subway Line 2, Ewha Womans University Station, Exit 3 ( towards Seoul Graduate School of Science ), walk 200m
Bus Bus stop ‘ Ewha Womans University Station ’