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Customized in-house training for companies

Customized in-house training for companies Optimized for the needs of each company Customized in-house training design and operation

aSSIST Customized in-house training for companies
  • A management education institution selected by approximately 200 companies since 1995
  • Designing a customized program optimized to suit the needs of the company by combining the domestic business environment and overseas advanced MBA
  • A faculty composition system centered on thorough course evaluation that is not limited to affiliation.
  • Efficient training schedule that reflects each company’s work environment
Training Opening Process
  • 01
    Corporate training needs
    Detailed understanding and analysis
  • 02
    analysis results and Reflecting corporate issues
    Curriculum design
  • 03
    Expected effects of the curriculum
    and each subject level
    Curriculum after adjustment
  • 04
    Thorough training operation and Strict academic management
    optimal education through
    environment provided
  • 05
    Evaluation and improvement of educational suitability and achievement through regular operation reports
aSSIST Corporate Customized In-house Training Special Advantages
aSSIST 기업맞춤교육 특장점
  1. 1. Educational Design: Customized program design optimized for each company’s training goals and needs
  2. 2. Faculty: Open Platform System with no restrictions on affiliation or nationality
  3. 3. Professional management team: A separate aSSIST professional training team with expertise in corporate training
  4. 4. Academic management: Providing an optimal educational environment through thorough educational operation and strict academic management, Immediate reflection and supplementation of educational needs through multiple operational reports
  5. 5. A comprehensive and strict educational evaluation management system that includes pre- and post-education evaluations as well as educational achievement and immersion for each subject.