Program Overview

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Management Book Society (MBS)

Author's own lecture, Korea's longest-serving
largest scale, offline reading club

Program Overview
Course Introduction

Every Monday evening, business leaders and office workers who want to find management solutions and new insights gather together.

MBS has been chosen by over 7,000 executives over the past 28 years.
A feast of knowledge unfolds at MBS, the largest offline reading club in Korea.

Listen to lectures and ask questions directly to authors in various fields such as management, economy, society, culture, classics, and regional themes., You can gain a deeper experience that you can't get by reading alone.
When selecting books, the books needed for the year are selected through strict evaluation by a panel of judges from various fields.
You can gauge not only current trends but also future trends, giving you time to take a leap forward and grow into the opinion leader your organization needs.

Course characteristics
  • Direct lectures from the author, behind-the-scenes book stories told directly from the author
    • “It’s an experience you can’t get by reading it alone.”
    • “The effects of learning beyond imagination”
      “In fact, the author's direct lectures supplement and deepen the knowledge you read in the book.”
      [MBS member survey contents]
  • Economy, management, society, culture, humanities, science, arts, etc.20 books selected each period
    • A book that allows you to gauge current trends and what future studies will be needed
    • Selected as an excellent book that foresaw social trends in an era of flood of books.
    • Strictly selected as the best book by a panel of judges from various fields
    • Selection of books covering all fields, including not only economics and management, but also society, culture, philosophy, and classics.
    • By carefully selecting books written by intellectuals in our society, you can acquire the latest trends and a wide range of knowledge.
  • Korea’s largest and longest-running offline reading club
    • Korea’s first management reading club with 28 years of history (Since 1995)
    • A group for modern people who want to find solutions to business difficulties, management solutions, new insights, and positive stimulation through reading.
    • Re-registration membership rate of over 75%, average participation of approximately 200 members, total cumulative membership of approximately 7,000
  • Operation of various membership systems
    • Attending members who directly participate in the author's lectures
    • A digital member who can listen to the author's lectures non-face-to-face anywhere, regardless of location.

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제목:경영자독서모임 MBS_저자와 직접 만나는 매주 월요일 저녁 7시"

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[경영자독서모임 MBS] 4인의 저자인터뷰"