Program Overview

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Program Overview
Program Overview

Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) is the only university with dual accreditation from the Swiss and U.S. governments. This dual degree doctoral program was designed with aSSIST University Seoul Business School. It allows students to simultaneously earn a Ph.D. in Business Administration from aSSIST University and a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) from Franklin University Switzerland (FUS).

The program aims to connect management theory with the experience and know-how gained from the student’s professional careers. Students who successfully complete the program will gain an understanding of the latest trends in business and have an integrated understanding of business management.


Course Schedule Lecture Hours Curriculum Degree
Dual-degree Biweekly Sat / Sun 08:30 ~ 17:30
  • Coursework (aSSIST University)
    - Completion from aSSIST University

  • Research Paper Guidance (FUS&aSSIST University)
    - Students can choose their advisor from professors at both universities

  • Research Paper Evaluation (FUS&aSSIST University)
    - FUS: On-site evaluation in Switzerland or online evaluation
    - aSSIST: Offline evaluation
aSSIST University Ph.D. in Business Administration

FUS DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)
Program Features
  • Obtain aSSIST University Ph.D. Degree and FUS DBA Degree
    • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Business Administration focused on theory, obtained simultaneously & DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) focused on real-world application from European university
    • Earn a doctoral degree from overseas university at significantly lower costs than studying abroad
  • Flexible Schedule for Working Professional Students
    • Bi-weekly weekend classes (Three to four times a month)
  • Theory and Practice-driven Course Works
    • Students can complete compulsory courses on research methods, academic writing, and subjects on contemporary business administrations and current issues (e.g., Technological changes and workplace dynamics) over two years.
  • Verified Education System
    • Rigorous academic management and lectures by professors selected from top universities through a thorough evaluation
    • Collaborative engagement with communities of practice that are appropriate to the student’s field of study
    • Community network with research-related business fields for students
  • Learn from the FUS Faculty Members
    • Expert seminars on a range of program-related topics for discussion
    • Self-directed learning facilitated by an e-learning environment
  • One-to-one Tailored Research Support: Research Methodology Consultation Service
    • Provide research methodology consultation service for specific research questions and methodological approaches
    • Feedback on drafts of work from professor in person, by phone or email
    • Advisor-led guidance sessions for practical help in completing modules or utilizing small work groups
  • Attain Domestic and Foreign Accredited Degrees
    • Working professionals can attain both domestic and international credentials simultaneously through cost and time-efficient process.
Overseas Universities Overview
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Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present, Sustaining the Future

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Franklin University Switzerland (FUS), established in 1969, is the only institution globally accredited by the Swiss and U.S. governments. Recognized as a prestigious institution, FUS takes pride in its strong affiliations with world-renowned companies and boasts an extensive alumni network. Functioning as a global university with focus on field experience, FUS actively collaborates with UN institutions and multinational corporations.

FUS 인증사진
FUS 인증사진
Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) Graduates’ Achievements
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Program Features
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