Program Overview

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Program Overview
Program Overview

Business School Lausanne (BSL), the first in Europe to receive ACBSP accreditation, collaborates with aSSIST University Seoul Business School to offer the Dual Doctorate Programs.
The program allows students to simultaneously earn a Ph.D. in Business Administration from aSSIST University and a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) from Business School Lausanne (BSL).

The Dual Degree Doctoral Program in Business Administration is unique. The DBA program at BSL is designed to combine students’ many years of high-level professional experience with academic rigor and research to provide novel solutions to business problems at the industry level.

The Program offers many opportunities for students to meet and interact with BSL faculty and with other students in the program. BSL organizes Doctoral Acceleration Weeks (DAW) twice a year – in May and in November. During the DAWs, you can present your work-in-progress, listen to other students’ presentations and learn from the feedback they get, and follow lectures by BSL faculty on various aspects of the doctoral research and thesis writing process. Participation in DAWs is voluntary and not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to make the most out of your doctoral studies and research.


Course Lecture Days Lecture Hours Curriculum Degree
Dual-degree Biweekly Sat / Sun 08:30 ~ 17:30
  • Coursework (aSSIST University)
    - Completion from aSSIST University

  • Research Paper Guidance (BSL&aSSIST)
    - BSL : Research Paper Contents Guidance
    - aSSIST : Research Paper Methodology Guidance

  • Research Paper Examination (BSL)
    - On-site evaluation in Switzerland or online evaluation
aSSIST University Ph.D. in Business Administration

BSL DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)
Program Features
  • Obtain aSSIST University Ph.D. Degree and BSL DBA Degree
    • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Business Administration focused on theory, obtained simultaneously & DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) focused on real-world application from European university
    • Earn a doctoral degree from overseas university at significantly lower costs than studying abroad
  • Flexible Schedule for Working Professional Students
    • Bi-weekly weekend classes (Three to four times a month)
  • Theory and Practice-driven Course Works
    • Students can complete compulsory courses on research methods, academic writing, and subjects on contemporary business administrations and current issues (e.g., Technological changes and workplace dynamics) over three years.
  • Verified Education System
    • Rigorous academic management and lectures by professors selected from top universities through a thorough evaluation
    • Collaborative engagement with communities of practice that are appropriate to the student’s field of study
    • Community network with research-related business fields for students
  • Learn from the BSL Faculty Members
    • Expert seminars on a range of program-related topics for discussion
    • Self-directed learning facilitated by an e-learning environment
  • One-to-one Tailored Research Support: Research Methodology Consultation Service
    • Provide research methodology consultation service for specific research questions and methodological approaches
    • Feedback on drafts of work from professor in person, by phone or email
    • Advisor-led guidance sessions for practical help in completing modules or utilizing small work groups
  • Attain Domestic and Foreign Accredited Degrees
    • Working professionals can attain both domestic and international credentials simultaneously through cost and time-efficient process.
Doctoral Acceleration Weeks (DAW)

DBA Acceleration Weeks – Our BSL Signature Support

The goal of the DBA Acceleration Weeks (DAW) is to help students accelerate the progress of their doctoral studies and work towards meeting the deadlines set for the completion of the Doctoral program.
The DAWs will help students solve problems in the following areas:

  • Thinking and reasoning
  • Research methodology
  • Academic writing and the writing process
  • Communication and academic presentation skills
  • DBA work-life balance-related questions
  • Continuous alignment of your research and your business goal
  • Personal and professional development
DAWs are a unique opportunity for students to work on the thesis in an international academic environment whilst accelerating their academic thinking skills and writing proficiency.
The acceleration weeks take place twice every year, once in Spring and again in Autumn. Access and participation in the DAWs are not mandatory and included in the DBA tuition fees.

BSL Faculty IntroductionBSL Faculty more
BSL Faculty Introduction
Erdal Atukeren
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. in economics at the University of Ottawa
Research Areas: Economics / Finance
Elodie Baerlocher
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. Social Psychology from the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne
Research Areas: Leadership / Business Psychology
Timothy Connerton
Degree Acquisition: DBA in Management Science from the Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
Research Areas: Strategy / Business
Arash Golnam
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. Management of Technology from EPFL
Research Areas: Systems thinking / systems modeling
Michael Hathorn
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. International Business from the University of St. Gallen
Research Areas: Leadership / Governance / Business / Business Innovation & Change
Madina Kukenova
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. economics from the University of Lausanne
Research Areas: Economics / International Economics / International Trade
Ganesh Nathan
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. Political Theory from Cardiff University
Research Areas: Leadership / Ethics / CSR / Innovation Management
Marko Majer
Degree Acquisition: DBA from IEDC Bled School of Management
Research Areas: Marketing / Leadership / Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Jan Erik Meidell
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. Economics from HEC Lausanne and Norwegian School of Economics
Research Areas: Digital Transformation / Finance / Entrepreneurship
Elena Sernova
Degree Acquisition: DBA in Finance from Anderson Business School of University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA)
Research Areas: Finance / Economics / Quantitative Methods / Statistics / Business Math
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D Organizational Behaviour at Manchester Business School
Research Areas: organizational theory, organizational behaviour / human resource management and social research methodology
Dominique Bourqui
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. Law from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.
Research Areas: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Business Administration
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Business School Lausanne (BSL), established in 1987, boasts a tradition of over 30 years as a prestigious European business school. In 1996, BSL became the first in Europe to achieve ACBSP accreditation. Notably, it has consistently secured the 2nd place in the Global DBA Euro ranking from 2021-2023, and in the 2017 QS Global 250 Business Schools Report, it was recognized as one of the top three business schools in Switzerland.


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