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Sales Innovation Research Center & Consalia?
    • Welcome to the Sales Innovation Research Center , a pioneering venture housed within aSSIST. Distinguished as the sole educational and consulting institution in South Korea dedicated to the art of sales, our center stands at the forefront of transforming business sales activities into strategic, systematic, and scientific operations through the acclaimed 3 Sales (Strategic, Systematic, Scientific) model.
    • In partnership with Consalia, a global leader in sales training and consulting operating across 30 countries, our center endeavors to revolutionize corporate sales performance. Consalia's distinguished cadre of over 600 professional sales trainers and consultants specialize in educating and advising multinational corporations through a unique and proven sales training system.
    • Since our inception in 2012, the Sales Innovation Research Center at aSSIST and Consalia have collaboratively crafted programs designed to elevate corporate sales performance. Our collective expertise comprises faculty and consultants boasting decades of prowess in academic research (Academic), hands-on field sales experience (Business), corporate consulting (Consulting), and dedicated coaching (Coaching)—incorporating the essential ABCs of sales.
    • Our joint endeavors culminated in the launch of South Korea's first Sales Innovation MBA program in 2012, aimed at nurturing and honing sales professionals. In parallel, Consalia has led a specialized sales master's program in collaboration with Middlesex University in the UK.
    • Building on our successful partnership, since 2016, the Sales Innovation Research Center at aSSIST and Consalia have jointly established the Sales MBA program at Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies. Additionally, we offer the Consalia Certificate program tailored for aspiring and seasoned sales professionals alike.
    • We invite you to embark on an enriching journey with us, where innovation converges with expertise to redefine the landscape of sales education and consultancy, empowering individuals and corporations to excel in the dynamic realm of salesmanship.
  • Choi Yong Joo, Vice Chancellor, aSSIST
  • Philip Squire, CEO of Consalia
  • Park Min Soo, Headquarters of Corporate Education
  • Jackie Chung, Sales Innovation Research Center Researcher
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