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Student Success Center (SSC)


Student Success Center (SSC)

Welcome to the Student Success Center (SSC) at aSSIST University, a dedicated research support hub committed to guiding students through the intricate journey of research paper composition. Our center stands as a beacon, offering invaluable assistance across all facets of research and thesis writing, indispensable for achieving academic excellence and attaining successful degrees. We pride ourselves on delivering customized support programs tailored to address individual needs and challenges

Key Components of the SSC Research Support Program
  • Research Design and Methodology Assistance: Providing comprehensive guidance in formulating robust research designs and methodologies crucial for academic inquiry.
  • Academic Writing Support: Offering hands-on assistance in the academic writing process, ensuring clarity, coherence, and precision in conveying research findings.
  • Journal Selection Guidance: Assisting in navigating the selection process for appropriate journals for paper submissions, optimizing the impact and reach of scholarly contributions
Salient Features of the SSC Program
  • Tailored Consultation: Customized consulting services aligned with individual research interests and unique circumstances, fostering personalized guidance for optimal academic outcomes.
  • Research Guidance Seminars: Regularly hosting seminars aimed at imparting invaluable insights and strategies, equipping students with the necessary tools for effective research.
  • Mentoring by Esteemed Faculty: Access to a dedicated team of faculty mentors, providing invaluable one-on-one guidance and support throughout the research process
Our Faculty in Charge

Professor Park Jung-Yeol
Professor Lim Hyo-Sook
Professor Choi Jin-Hee

For SSC Program Applications and Inquiries

Join us at the Student Success Center, where we empower students to overcome research hurdles, fostering a culture of academic excellence and achievement.