Program Overview

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Business School Lausanne MBA

A dual-degree program offering an MBA degree jointly from Lausanne Business School (BSL), one of the top 3 business schools in Switzerland, and aSSIST.

Program Overview
Program Introduction

The MBA program at Lausanne Business School (BSL) is a collaborative effort between the Business School Lausanne in Switzerland and aSSIST. Upon meeting the graduation requirements of both institutions, students will obtain dual MBA degrees from BSL and aSSIST. The dual degree from BSL is optional, and students also have the option to acquire only the aSSIST MBA.

Key Features of the Program
  • Participation in a "Boot Camp" with leading global companies
  • Faculty composed of frontline experts
  • Curriculum focused on practical experience for the cultivation of global talents
  • Learning design accommodating work commitments
  • Opportunity to obtain an international degree at significantly lower costs compared to studying abroad.
Key Features of the Program
Program Duration 1.5years
Classes Weekend classes on Friday and Saturday.
Credit Requirements 42~45 credits
Minimum Graduation Requirements Minimum graduation credits: 45 credits
  • Compulsory: BSL Domestic and Swiss Local 7.5 credits (5 courses)
  • Business Project and Thesis Writing: 3 credits
  • Minimum major credits: 21 credits (14 courses), including 3 compulsory practical courses.
  • Graduation Requirements: Minimum 45 credits (Up to 10.5 credits may be recognized based on corporate experience).
  • Course Structure: Each course is composed of a total of 22.5~24 hours (1.5 credits per course).
  • MBS (Management Book Study): Mandatory 1 credit for general education, included in the 45 graduation credits.
Faculty Introduction

As of March 2020, here is the list of professors affiliated with BSL.

Faculty Introduction
Erdal Atukeren
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. in economics at the University of
Research Areas: Economics / Finance
Elodie Baerlocher
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the
                University of Geneva and the University of
Research Areas: Leadership / Business Psychology
Timothy Connerton
Degree Acquisition: DBA in Management Science from the
                Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
Research Areas: Strategy / Business
Arash Golnam
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. in Management of Technology from
Research Areas: Systems thinking / systems modeling
Michael Hathorn
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. in International Business
                from the University of St. Gallen
Research Areas: Leadership / Governance / Business /
               Business Innovation & Change
Madina Kukenova
Degree Acquisition: PhD in economics from the University of
Research Areas: Economics / International Economics /
                International Trade
Ganesh Nathan
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. in Political Theory from Cardiff
Research Areas: Leadership / Ethics / CSR / Innovation
Marko Majer
Degree Acquisition: DBA from IEDC Bled School of
Research Areas: Marketing / Leadership / Entrepreneurship
               & Innovation
Jan Erik Meidell
Degree Acquisition: PhD in Economics from HEC
                Lausanne and Norwegian School of
Research Areas: Digital Transformation / Finance /
Elena Sernova
Degree Acquisition: DBA in Finance from Anderson Business
                School of University of California in
               Los Angeles (UCLA)
Research Areas: Finance / Economics / Quantitative
               Methods / Statistics / Business Math
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D in Organizational Behaviour
                at Manchester Business School
Research Areas: organizational theory, organizational
               behaviour / human resource management
               and social research methodology
Dr. Dominique Bourqui
Degree Acquisition: Ph.D. in Law from the University
                of Lausanne, Switzerland.
Research Areas: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial
               Mindset and Business Administration
BSL(Business School LAUSANNE) 바로가기

The Business School Lausanne (BSL) was established in 1987, boasting over 30 years of tradition as a prestigious European business school. It achieved ACBSP accreditation in 1996, making it the first in Europe to do so. In 2019, it secured the 2nd position in the Global DBA Euro Ranking, and in the 2017 QS Global 250 Business Schools Report, it was recognized as one of the top 3 business schools in Switzerland.

[Business School Lausanne: School of the 21st Century]

[Business School Lausanne – Virtual Tour]

[Introduction to Lausanne, Switzerland]

Program Structure: 1.5 Years (Including Overseas Program Schedule)

The Lausanne Business School (BSL) MBA program is designed by integrating a systematic curriculum with field-oriented content.

3월 개원 표
Course Name
Common Business
  • Data-Driven Decision Making and AI•Strategies
  • Understanding of Management Science Methods and AI•Big Data Research Methodology
  • Strategic Management
  • IT Basics
  • Data Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
Major Foundation
  • Mathematics Review for AI•Big Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Methodology of AI•Big Data Analysis
  • R I, II
  • Python I, II, III
Major Intensive
  • Data Mining I, II
  • Deep Learning
  • Individual Assignment for AI•Big Data Analysis
  • Personalized Recommendation Systems
  • SNS and Community Analysis using Text Mining
  • Design/Construction/Practice of AI•Big Data Platforms I, II, III (AI•Big Data Major Required)
BSL Required
  • Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Coding for Data Analysis
  • Innovation through intrapreneurship
  • Boot Camp (10 days in Switzerland)
BP Business Project and Thesis Writing

*The above courses are subject to change.