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Aalto University photo

Aalto University Double Degree Program

Credit Composition
Enrollment Period :
March 2015 ~ Aug 2016/ A year and a half (18 months)
Location and time :
Depends on the following course you choose upon start of the degree

Weekend Class (Fri 18:30~22:20/Sat 08:30~17:20)

Standard Class
(40% in English)
Kangbuk Campus
(aSSIST, Ewha University 2 Road, Sudaemoongu Seoul)
English Class
(100% in English)
Kangnam Campus
(IKP, Yangjaedong, Kangnamgu, Seoul)
  • Class may not open and the class location is subject to change if the number of students does not fulfil the minimum number required.
Applicants must have the following
Applicants must have the following
Program Admission eligibility Notes
(Full Time MBA)
Aalto University
Double Degree MBA
  • Undergraduate degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university note1)
  • more than 5 years of work experience(including military service, NGO activity, own business) including 3 years of professional job experience
No credit exempted or granted
Job holders
  • Undergraduate degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university note1)
  • more than 5 years of work experience(including military service, NGO activity, own business) including 3 years of professional job experience
  • Current job holder receiving certain amount of tuition support from the company note2)
* Applicants who satisfy all three conditions above
Depending on the working experience, maximum of 9 credits can be granted (or exempted)
(6 credits for more than 3 years, 9 credits for more than 5 years of work experience)

Graduates or expected graduates with an accredited 4 year undergraduate degree or its equivalent


  • Application for job holders: applicants must receive total or partial tuition fee from the current company
  • Job holders are eligible to apply if he or she is an employee of a corporate that is the member of the KCCI (The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry). If not, separate agreement may be needed with the school.
  • If your organization is not a member of the KCCI due to certain characteristics of an organization such as public and health care sector, application may be eligible after a special agreement
  • CEOs and freelancers are not eligible to apply

Ways to check if your employer is a member of the KCCI
  • Check with the Membership Management Team of the KCCI, by providing the business license number of your company
  • Phone the KCCI Membership Management Team: Tel. 02-6050-3874, 3875
  • After checking the status, call us for more information to 02-360-0736
  • If standard agreement is needed, we will send a separate format accordingly
Documents for submission
Core Track Selection
For All Applicants
  • Application form(given format), 1 Curriculum Vitae(English, given format), 1 Certificate of Graduation(English)
  • transcript (English), Certificate of Work Experience(Korean, for working experience more than 5 years)
  • Recommendation Letter(English), 3 Identification Photos(3"4cm size), 1 Copy of Passport, 1 Official English proficiency test certificate(TOEIC score above 700)
  • Confirmation letter of document submission(prescribed form)
  • Certificate of Work Experience(Korean, current job), 1 Recommendation Letter from the current company(given format), Proof of being a member of the 4 Major Social Insurance Scheme of Korea
  • [How to apply] Send hard copy of the application by mail
More information on the documents
  • Download application formats from our website's 'applicant page' (
  • READ 'application instruction' in the admission page of our website before submitting application (
  • Certificate of graduation and transcripts: For applicants with a Master's degree submit documents for both undergraduate and graduate degrees
    [Official English proficiency score - valid for 3 years as of the test day, TOIEC score above 700/TOEFL iBT above 79 for applying]
  • Official English proficiency certificate can be submitted after admission
  • No need to submit English proficiency certificate if the applicant satisfies more than one condition below: the certificate can be replaced with other proof documents
    ① Applicants with 5 years or more of work experience in a multinational or foreign corporations where English is used as first language.
    ② Applicants who had lived in English speaking countries more than 5 year,
    ③ Applicants with undergraduate or graduate degree from an English speaking country
Guide for job holder applicants (Contract course)
  • For those need to keep your day job while attending school
  • Check the KCCI membership status of your employer via phone call (02-6050-3874,3875)
  • If your employer is not a member, separate agreement may be needed with the school (Please inquire us for the format and process)
  • Member certification of the 4 Major Social Insurance Scheme of Korea can be printed out from the Social Insurance Information System website (
Core track selection
  • Available to choose core track when selecting Aalto University EMBA (Finance, Intellectual Property, Sales Innovation)
  • However, if the number of student selecting the core course track does not reach the minimum number required, the course may not open
  • For more information Link to 1:1 inquiry
  • Tel. 02-360-0736, 02-360-0731, E-mail.,